Editor’s Pick: Reformation & Monica Lewinsky Want You To Get Out And Vote

by Freya Drohan

What: Those clever marketing folks over at Reformation know how to get us all talking. And now, they’re ensuring their community walks the walk too, by teaming up with Monica Lewinsky and Vote.org to get people to the polls ahead of November.

Who: Sustainable fashion brand Reformation has always been about doing the right thing without sacrificing looking and feeling good in your clothes. Keen to actually enact positive change in this critical election year, the brand rolled in the big guns, in the form of an actual influencer. As an activist, Monica Lewinsky has been a poster woman for decades when it comes to encouraging women to use their voice, stand up for themselves, and lean into their power.

Why: The resulting campaign, You’ve Got the Power, launches today with several layers to it. Sure, there’s a new collection full of powerful and badass tailoring modeled by Lewinsky herself, as well as a galvanizing You’ve Got the Power sweatshirt with a superhero-esque logo (proceeds will go to Vote.org; the nation’s largest nonpartisan voter resource.) But furthermore, there’s handy guides to help point you in the right direction and show how straightforward it is to exercise your civic duty. Plus, Reformation also made a $25,000 to Vote.org, putting their own money where their mouth is.

Your move!

Where: thereformation.com

Images: Courtesy of Reformation

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