Hugh Grant Blasted Over Ashley Graham Interview, Riley Keough For PORTER, Plus! Adrien Brody…The Designer?!

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by Freya Drohan

Hugh Grant slammed for awkward and ‘rude’ responses to Ashley Graham 

Oy. Some things are hard to watch—take Hugh Grant’s cringe-worthy interview on the Oscars red carpet with supermodel Ashley Graham for instance. The clip of the chat is going viral on Twitter, with users divided as to whether the British actor was being “rude,” just being “dry,” or whether he was giving “genuine answers to vapid questions.” In the exchange, Grant gives blunt responses to Graham’s inquiries about who he’s excited to see win at the ceremony, what he’s wearing, and his role in Glass Onion.

One user countered: “That’s Hugh. He knows the game but just doesn’t care to play. He seems to do that in most of these interviews. Grumpy old man is what he is. She did great, though, and would have been in her rights to stop after the first couple of questions, but she soldiered on. Kudos.” However others defended the 62-year-old star, with one user posting: “I think every British person will relate to Hugh & the mundane questions he was being asked. Enough of the models & influencers on the red carpet. I love his answer to ‘what are you wearing?’”

Watch the exchange below:

Riley Keough opens up about fame, family, and her biggest role to date

PORTER’s latest star is Riley Keough, who’s currently gracing screens as the titular singer in Amazon Prime’s Daisy Jones & The Six. Keough, who quietly became a mom to her first child six months ago, tells the digital publication about the process involved in auditioning for the role of Jones. Spoiler alert: she had never properly sang before! Alas, after committing to the challenge and landing the gig, she then began to explore how best to portray the fictional rock star. Jones’ struggles with substance abuse were of particular importance to Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley. “Because this is something I’ve experienced in my family…I wanted the moments in which you see Daisy’s addiction to not feel glamorous; to make sure that those moments had weight to them; that we’re seeing the humanity behind the closed doors of what people are perceiving to be glamour.” The 33-year-old also spoke about how it felt when her directorial debut for War Pony received the Camera d’Or at Cannes. “I just couldn’t believe it,” she said. “It’s so crazy to have your first film get into Cannes. And to have Elvis there the same year was so meaningful.” Read the full feature, with styling by Caroline Newell and photography by Jeff Henrikson, here.

Riley Keough for PORTER

Adrien Brody to collaborate with Bally

Adrien Brody has revealed a new role, and no it doesn’t involve a movie. The Oscar-winning actor will design a series of capsules for Swiss luxury house Bally, creating a series of capsules for the brand. As per a media alert from Bally, the capsules will include ready to wear clothing, shoes, bags, and other accessories inspired by Brody’s love of travel. In his own words, he adds: “In my work, I have spent a lifetime on the road, inhabiting new lives in unusual places. Traveling and exploration has been a constant theme and great inspiration for me personally and will guide the narrative as I create a capsule that captures and distills the beauty of a journey.” Said capsule collections will be available by the end of the year.

Nicolas Girotto, CEO of Bally, and Adrien Brody

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