How The Covid Lockdown Has Changed Hair Artist Chris Appleton

by Eddie Roche

In today’s “Cabin Fever Diaries,” we check in with hair artist, Chris Appleton, who is spending quarantine solo in his Hollywood Hills home. The talented (and sexy!) man behind the locks of Kim Kardashian and J. Lo is used to an intense schedule so a time out has been a learning experience. He tells The Daily what he’s accomplished during lockdown and what he’s been missing the most. 

Have you learned anything new about yourself since social distancing?
I am normally always on the go, traveling sometimes six days a week, so learning to live my life not on the go so much has been challenging. But I’ve learned that I can push myself to do anything and although I’ve always found inspiration in other people, during this I’ve been able to find inspiration within myself.

What has been the biggest change to your routine?
Basically everything. I am never home. So learning to be at home has been the biggest change of all. Making a daily routine has helped.

What do you miss about life before the quarantine?
Creating and collaborating with my clients, my kids and family. Also just people!

What are you doing to decompress?
Working out and going for walks  is my biggest release and my way of centering myself. I’m also taking the time to appreciate being off – taking it in and relaxing, which is something new for me.

How are you staying active?
I workout every single day. But I have also been trying to create tools for my fans and followers that they can use at home and be there for my stylist community. This is particularly hard for them and I started in a salon so I understand how difficult this is.



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What are you doing to help others?
I am trying to teach people how to cut their hair, color their hair, I am doing FaceTimes for healthcare workers if they need tips on how to keep their hair up during work. I am just trying to lend my skillset wherever I can to help

If you could be in self-isolation with anyone, who would it be?
My kids.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found yourself doing since distancing?
Sleeping in and eating ice cream sandwiches!

What have you been eating?
I am obsessed with this paleo bread with banana and almond butter, I guess it’s my comfort food. Otherwise keeping it as clean as possible and this really helps with my motivation. Apart from the ice cream.

Have you accomplished anything since self-isolating? 
Yes, I’ve become a house maid. My place had never been cleaner.

What music have you been listening to lately?
Enya and any chill vibes.

How has the experience changed your outlook?
I know I will never get this time back so I have been trying to focus on that. I have worked so hard since I was 13 in the salon. I have worked nonstop since and have never taken a break so I have really tried to change my mindset and focus on me. This is my break and when I’m back at work, I won’t have this time back again.

How do you think your job will change in the future?
I hope it doesn’t. I hope to be able to create amazing hair with my clients and be inspired by the beautiful people I work with. How we will see change and it’s important to embrace the positive outcome form any situation.

What has been the most surprising thing about this whole experience for you?
The fact that I survived. At the start of this I couldn’t cook. I don’t clean my own house and the washing machine was a mystery. I’ve accomplished a lot.

Chris Appleton

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