The Hot Ticket: Bulgari and Out Of Order Magazine’s Chic Seasonal Mr. Chow Soirée

by Paige Reddinger

Dorian Grinspan’s seasonal Fashion Week party for Out of Order, which he hosts with Bulgari at Mr. Chow, is undoubtedly one of the most coveted invitations in town. The intimate setting, where dinner is served to a veritable who’s who of the industry, features an open-seating plan—ideal for top-tier networking and the occasional awkward moment. This year the cast included everyone from singer Maxwell (in the Bulgari Octo Roma Watch), Laura Harrier (in Bulgari Serpenti jewels and MSVA bag), and Hamish Bowles to Marjorie Gubelmann, Jacolby Satterwhite, Stefano Tonchi, Francisco Costa, Sebastian Faena, Jon Kortajarena, Miles McMillan, Zachary Quinto, and so many more we can’t possibly list them all.

So what is it about Grinspan that draws such an A-list crowd? “I really like the magazine and Dorian is a good friend, but I think it’s about Dorian and his personality more than just the magazine,” said Tonchi. “I always like to stop by. I went to see a theater show and I need a drink, because it was a long show!” Indeed the entire room seems to have a personal connection to the editor-in-chief of the biannual art publication, and Grinspan hasn’t even reached his mid-twenties. “I love Dorian. He’s a really great guy and very talented,” said Costa. “We’ve been friends for awhile. It’s very ballsy to start a magazine at a very young age. He’s sharp and he’s gorgeous.” The former Calvin Klein Collection creative director added that he had been enjoying life and had just returned from a trip to the Amazon, where he spent 10 days living with a local tribe. Will we be seeing more of Costa? “All I can say is that I’m really happy and I am going to come back,” said Costa. “There will be good things on the horizon.”

Despite Grinspan’s high-flying connections in the industry, he confessed that his nerves still get rattled. “I get incredibly scared in these situations, truly,” said Grinspan. “Usually, I go to Fashion Week and the first party will always be terrifying to me. Seeing everyone again is like going back to school. Normally we have this dinner at the end of Fashion Week, so by then it’s day five and I’ve usually found my rhythm. But this year we did it right at the beginning, which was terrifying.” The idea that Grinspan was nervous at his own party seems unbelievable, as he worked the room with a seemingly inherent ease. He wasn’t remiss to acknowledge that many of his guests had helped him since the beginning. “Every person in this room has contributed either personally or through business to what Out Of Order is, and that’s really what it’s about—to bring everyone into one room and celebrate.”


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