Hey Chicsters, What Makes You Happy?

by The Daily


Capture Just catching your breath post-fashion month? Finally, you’ve got time to pore over some of our dishy gems from The Daily in print this season! After a few months filled with major bummers, we canvassed the chic set for positive vibes… To love and be loved makes me happy. —Gigi Hadid, model Neville and Charlie! Neville is my dog, and Charlie is his best friend, who’s also a dog. No matter how bad things get, the two of them always make me happy.—Marc Jacobs, designer It’s a toss-up between fluffy triple-layer Mrs. Greenberg’s coconut cake and a reciprocal crush. —Linda Fargo, senior vice president, Bergdorf Goodman My dog, Bird.—Wes Gordon, designer Hugs and kisses, peonies, and sunsets. How cliché, I know! —Hilary Rhoda, model Wearing pajamas, dark chocolate with sea salt, and cat GIFs.—Leah Chernikoff, editor, Elle.com Dinner with my grandkiddos. I love to have them get all dressed up and take them to a nice restaurant. You wouldn’t believe the change in their behavior when they put on a dress!—Betsey Johnson, designer The New York magazine crossword makes me happy, especially when I finish it! I’m also very happy reading National Geographic and tuning out all things fashion-related. I love a good recently unearthed mummy!—Lisa Salzer, designer Korean BBQ, Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby, diamond Rolexes, male models, Chanel, ’90s K-pop, and ginger beer.—Kyle Anderson, accessories director, Marie Claire Puppy kisses and an ice cold can of Coke. Not a bottle—it must be a can!—Marissa Webb, designer Being generous makes me happy. I like giving more than people expect, and seeing how that snowballs to the point where everyone is overachieving.—Garrett Neff, model Planning my next adventure, being in nature, and laughing with my grandchildren. It’s the really simple things that bring a smile to my face.—Donna Karan, designer My dog Floyd, sun, family, and beautiful clothes!—Jessica Hart, model Watching the little kids playing in the Washington Square Park fountain all summer.—Michael Bastian, designer Walking through the door of my apartment, crisp, clean sheets tightly tucked in, seeing Mickey Boardman do a twirl, and peanut M&M’s.—Marjorie Gubelmann, socialite and DJ I’m happiest when I discover a new obsession.—Anna Sui, designer I love driving to the airport on my way to a vacation. It’s really the most perfect part of the trip, just immaculate illusions. It’s kind of funny that the best part of a trip to the Galápagos Islands or Vietnam happens in the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.—Lucio Castro, designer Fall weather, date night at ABC Cocina, and Mindy Kaling.—Ariel Foxman, EIC, InStyle When I see true, raw happiness in people living their every day. Otherwise, a good classic rock ’n’ roll song, Christmas, my mother’s apple tart, and untalented people dancing.—Diana Moldovan, model Marathons of my two favorite shows: 19 Kids and Counting and Long Island Medium, veggie dogs from Westville, watching YouTube documentaries about royal jewels, trips to Marbella, and Muji socks in rainbow colors—Mickey Boardman, editorial director, Paper Happiness comes from within. It’s not about those outside things—it’s figuring out who you are on the inside.—Liberty Ross, actress and model “When I’m at my most harried during Fashion Week, you put a smile on my face with your brilliantly tongue-in-cheek reporting. I’m kind of a Daily junkie and have to get my fix every day.”—Andrew Saffir, founder, Cinema Society FlyBarre class taught by the one and only Todd Allen, the parsnip ice cream with caramel chocolate sauce at Estela, dancing with total abandon, conquering a fear, trolling yard sales with my husband, and laughing until I can’t breathe.—Paige Novick, designer Good music—Lana Del Rey, Drake, Rihanna, and some Bob Marley—good company, and good Japanese food or pasta.—Devon Windsor, model


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