Going Clubbing With Shoshanna Gruss

by Dena Silver

After spending countless summers in Hamptons, it seems that Shoshanna Gruss really knows what works on the beaches out East. So of course she was the perfect designer to pair up with Club Monaco on a swimwear capsule collection! Available at Club Monaco’s Southampton location, at 35 Main Street, as well as online, this selection of bikinis will have you craving some rays. Given the chic retailer on deck, we quizzed Gruss on all things club-related to celebrate her new partnership.

Were you in a club in high school?
I was mostly on sports teams in high school, but I was in the film club. We went to see movies with money we raised at bake sales!

What club do you donate to?
I donate all my clothes, and certainly funds, to the Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. All the money goes to cancer research.

Which workout “club” do you belong to?
I like to do classes at Flywheel and AKT, both in Sag Harbor.

Are you a fan of club sandwiches?
I do like a club sandwich every once in a while, but I usually take off a piece of bread.

How about club soda?
If club soda was alcoholic, I’d be in permanent rehab. It’s my favorite drink, always, I mix it with juice, with vodka…and I drink it on its own two or three times a day.

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