Love Binetti Returns To Sag Harbor—Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The East End Insiders’ Favorite Brand

by Freya Drohan

Say hello to your new Hamptons obsession. Love Binetti is returning to the South Fork after a runaway season in Palm Beach. The brand is located at 8 Main Street, Sag Harbor this summer where its sunny Spring Summer ’22 collection of dresses and separates are delighting shoppers from near and far. This ‘CONCEPT’ store is a partnership with industry veteran Kim Van Dang (who’s the owner of Havens) and it’s just the start of a busy program of global pop-ups that founder Diego Binetti has up his sleeve. We called him up to get the scoop, and to hear why the Hamptons always aligns with his popular brand. 

Welcome back to Sag Harbor! What can visitors expect from the space?
Individuality, creativity, inspiration, color, and design—it’s a place where the unexpected is discovered! Our customers are incredibly diverse in age, size, and taste. CONCEPT-Love Binetti store is defined by the fine curation of my beautiful clothing and accessories merged with a collection of exotic perfumes and fine jewelry.

What do you love about the Hamptons and its people? 
The sense of style and how the ladies here have so much fun with their clothes, accessories, and their lifestyle in general. There’s nothing like resort living and this is clearly the place. We have found our customer base here and establishing repeat relationships is so rewarding. The pandemic was still flourishing last summer during our first season, yet we were fortunate to meet so many incredible people—including Sarah Wetenhall, co-owner of the fabulous Colony Hotel in Palm Beach. She became an instant admirer and invited us down for special trunk show events. We had an absolutely rock star season! I love meeting these women who travel around the world and have the most developed taste and exposure. They love the collection and that is just so rewarding for me—I have deep gratitude.

What are some key pieces that will be highlighted at this location?
Some key trends from this collection include tiered flowing dresses, romantic puff and poet sleeves, printed chemise dresses, patchwork silk kaftans and playfully mix and match gingham dresses. Delicate details and bold florals of hydrangeas prints also underscore the femininity of the collection, but instead of the expected fragility, these delicate accents are used assertively to express confidence.

What pieces are proving most popular at the store so far?
The collection is very well curated, so most of the Spring Summer ’22 shapes are must haves for the season. We are not a large shop where ‘anything goes’ and so the collection has been deeply edited for the Hamptons lifestyle. My clothes are comfortable, relaxed, yet have a boldness and playfulness that make them special. The shapes encompass many body types and ages. It’s fascinating to see a woman of 80+ and another in her young 20s, both becoming enamored with the Love Binetti brand!

What have been some notable highs as of late?
The Fall Winter 23 collection was very well received by notable and inspired stores such as Tootsies, Clic, Wrights and Le Bon Marche, to mention a few of our domestic and international vendors. The retail world is just beginning to wake up from its slumber. Now, having direct communication with my clients allows for an even better understanding of the Love Binetti customer. We are eager to explore the possibilities of opening in other locations and to cater directly to our customer…. next may be the BIG APPLE!

Who is that Love Binetti muse you’ve been getting to know? 
My muse is a world traveler, who has her own perspective. She likes to be fashionable but comfortable, and appreciates quality of both material and construction. She may not take herself too seriously, as this collection is playful, full of color in both solid and gorgeous prints. The desire to be unique and have an established point of view, whether it is in fashion, cultural leanings or sense of self is a resounding theme in my customer base.


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Tell us about your partnership with Kim Van-Dang.
We met last season after being introduced by a mutual friend, Julia LaBaton, from RED PR. I proposed that we join forces and open a unique collaboration where she does the fragrances and I do the fashion. I proposed to her a fresh, new place where fashion, exotic perfume, and fine jewelry would merge under one roof. This summer we invited Camille Zarsky from THE SEVEN—a fine jewelry store that is opening in NYC this fall—to join us for the season. She was a Binetti customer and is now doing a pop-up with us. The other day someone walked in and said, ‘Oh, it’s like a little Barney’s! This store is gorgeous.’ That really made my day.

We also hear you have pop-ups planned in Greece…tell us more!
In mid-July we are hoping to visit Spetses and Hydra, two beautiful Greek islands, where we will be showing our Spring Summer ’22 and Resort ’22 collections to an international clientele. I have an emotional connection with those places from years sailing and visiting with friends.


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What is the ethos of the brand in one sentence?
The brand is smart, assertive, and playful.

What else is ahead for 2022?
I’m always looking for opportunities and the retail store bug has bitten me. Working directly with my customer base has been very satisfying and rewarding. I would love to open a shop in NYC and join the rebirth of the city that I love.

Visit Love Binetti now at 8 Main Street, Sag Harbor and online here.

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