We ‘Played’ Gigi Hadid’s Fantasy Fashion Game And Now We Want It IRL

by Julia Oakes

Ever wondered what a day in the life of Gigi Hadid is like? Wonder no more! The supermodel just debuted her first-ever video game. The game, which offers an imaginary inside look into Hadid’s world  was developed by director Alana O’Herlihy and stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who worked closely with a team of programmers and artists to bring G’s fashion utopia to life. Taking two months to create and perfect, the digital masterpiece was an international affair, enlisting 3-D artists and designers from around the world to create such a gem. After all, it’s Gigi’s world and we’re just living in it.

The game explores a day in the life of a Gigi—2021 edition, at least—which includes multiple outfit changes, horseback riding dressed in head-to-toe Chanel, and sporadic dance breaks. Each of the game’s five levels introduces a challenge—say, arriving at Spring Studios on time for a shoot—that, once completed, unlocks a new outfit and a superpower.


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So, you want a day in the life? Here goes. To start the game, G awakes from her beauty sleep dressed in none other than a Proenza Schouler pastel blue knit set—and we would expect nothing less! She then makes her way to her master closet, where she spends her “Gigi Cache” for an outfit comprising some of the season’s best. Donning a full Celine getup of a baseball cap and red-hot flats, she makes her way to the grocery store, where she must collect ingredients for her Internet-famous pasta dish to complete Level 1. After a much-deserved celebratory dance break, Gigi hurries home to her closet, where she changes into her cooking uniform: a colorful Christopher John Rogers number and a pair of emerald Manolos. 

Lucky for the new mama, her hearty dinner awards her a power: superstrength! In her supersized form, she makes her way through the streets of NYC to get to work on time. Spoiler: she makes it, dressed in a bright pink Noir Kei Ninomiya gown and Eric Javits headpiece. In Level 4, G is awarded a much-needed power: time travel, which she uses to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and transports back to simpler times at the stable. In order to advance, horse girl Gigi must casually sip her tea while sitting side-saddle on her galloping steed. After a quick and mandatory pause to smell the roses, G makes her way to the last level, for which her JW Anderson organza top gives her the power of flight. After mastering each of the five levels—including flying with unicorns—she arrives at a pot of gold to receive her final prize: a copy of her most recent Vogue cover!

Now, with her dream closet at our fingertips, we can’t help but marvel at the stellar beauty of this fashion dreamworld. Ah, if only living in Gigi-verse was as simple as pressing PLAY! 

Try it out for yourself, below: 

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