Exclusive! Céline Dion on Her First Met Gala

by Sydney Sadick

At last night’s Harper’s Bazaar and American Express Platinum cocktail party at The Carlyle, we caught up with international superstar Céline Dion, who attended with her stylist, Law Roach. She revealed to us that she’ll be wearing a creation by Donatella Versace at tonight’s Met Gala, marking her first time attending fashion prom. “I’m just overwhelmed by doing the fittings and working late to make everything right. Donatella Versace is helping me, [creating] for me so many masterpieces. I’ll always be so thankful wearing so many pieces from [her line] for so many years,” Dion told The Daily. “After I had twins, for three months I was onstage, and she made me look like there were no twins that came out of me at all. She’s a wonderful person. It’s really amazing and thrilling to be here pre-Met to see so many talented people. You see, buy, and wear their creations. They help you to sing your songs and become the character you want to be by wearing them, but those magic hands working backstage…I’ve met a few tonight. They’re the real talented people we don’t see when we buy their clothes.”

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