Exclusive: Bon Appétit To Launch New Podcast, FOOD PEOPLE

by Freya Drohan

If you’re anything like me and you love food but could always use some help in the kitchen, then the sound of Bon Appétit’s informative, entertaining, and educational new podcast will be music to your ears.

Food People, the trailer for which drops today, is a an all-encompassing audio project that aims to delve into pretty much everything that’ll pique both your tastebuds and your brainwaves. Think: a whole host of mouth-watering topics as varied as ‘how to roast a chicken’ to ‘which American city is currently leading the way for culinary innovations?’

The podcast will be helmed by Amanda Shapiro, who is the editorial director at Bon Appétit and the founding editor of Healthyish. The Brooklyn-based journalist has been writing about food, health, wellness, and gender for eons—and according to a media alert sent by the magazine, she knows her way around everything from the best farmer’s market to where to get the country’s premier pizza slices. Rest assured that you’re in good hands!

The magazine teases that in each weekly episode, Shapiro will ask a serious question chased by a not-so-serious one—ensuring that there’ll be something for every taste. The 30-minute episodes will also incorporate commentary and takeovers from chefs, writers, BA staff, and food experts from around the country.

FOOD PEOPLE’s first episode drops Thursday, August 26.

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