Everyone Is Obsessed With Tracy Anderson’s MYMODE—Here’s What You Need To Know

by Freya Drohan

For those who are devout to the Tracy Anderson Method, you’re going to want to stop what you’re doing and learn more about MYMODE. The newly-unveiled program launched to such success that it instantly sold out, but don’t worry because there’s still time to get in on the secret and sign up for the next delivery. Been spying people at the studio or on your Instagram feed wielding these wooden tools and wondering what’s going on? Well, same. Let’s discuss!

MYMODE builds on the celebrity-favorite fitness concept developed over the last two decades by Anderson, albeit in a new guise. MYMODE is intended to create space in the body, and the brain, while regenerating and rebalancing your entire self. Anderson, whose method seeks to keep your body optimized and youthful, maintains that MYMODE is all about anti-aging, skin-tightening, and muscle-conditioning movements that deliver results in as little as one week (and as a card-carrying member of her proverbial fan club, it is gospel that one looks and feels the difference that quickly once committing to her principles!).

So, what does the offering—which rings in at $4,500—entail? MYMODE is both an amped-up program designed to reach the deepest muscle layers and a toolbox of sorts, with an array of toxin-free, sustainably-minded, and eco-conscious apparatus for members to use at home: a wooden platform box with four different levels, staff, staff weights, bands, hand weights, disk, ankle weights, landing pad, and towel. MYMODE comes with a one year subscription to TA Online Studio, one year subscription to TA Live, one year exclusive MYMODE content, one personal MYCOACH for six months, and two group Zoom sessions with Anderson herself each month. (There’s an option to split your payments to $126/month too.) As for the run of order, MYMODE is divided into four categories which correlate to the levels on the wooden box—Genesis, Refresh, Primal, Peak—with different goals and focuses at each stage. Catch a glimpse of the modality in action below:


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In a release, Anderson said: “I can’t wait to usher in a new era of content and innovation, and embark on this nature-driven wellness journey with you. I’ve designed MYMODE choreography around the health of the whole body and the Earth, understanding how our physical selves are entwined in the natural world. The sequences are more dynamic and wide-ranging than anything I’ve ever done. This is freedom of movement like never before.”

Convinced? You can pre-order now for holiday arrival right here.

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