Diva Boutique Adds Life To Your Style

by Amir Bakian

Diva Boutique, a joint family business, creates fashion products that are sexy, unique and adds classiness to the ensemble. Fashion is the reflection of a person. The way one dresses up, tells a lot about their likes, dislikes, and affinity towards certain kinds of styles. Brands that can replicate this taste are the ones that sustain through the dynamic trends. Diva Boutique is one of the fast-fashion establishments that brings the finest of clothing and fabrics for the unique style of their customers. They are fashion leaders throughout the US who provide elegant pieces with eccentric patterns and styles. Their service is top-tier, and they boast a quick delivery service which customers really appreciate.Diva Boutique was founded by Vanessa Gonzalez and her mother Martha Quintanal as a joint family business in 2013. They created this boutique because of their passion for clothes. They wanted to curate looks which would make customers look and feel their best, and see people uniquely flaunt them. It is a dream come true for Vanessa. Started as a small store in Miami, she was able to expand this business by leaps and bounds through Instagram. Started by taking mirror selfies, Diva Boutique is now a globally recognized fashion boutique with over 1 million Instagram followers.

Social Media Boost

It is no surprise that social media has been a big contributor to the success of many brands. This is true for Diva boutique. In reaching a global audience, Instagram has been a major player in the business life span of Diva Boutique. Vanessa is grateful for this exposure and has immense gratitude for the opportunity that she got due to the digital transformational shift. From being a private person to posting OOTD outfits for her audience every day, her life took a 360- degree positive turn.

New Launches And More

Vanessa is invested 24/7 into her brand. She is always looking for new ways to “Divarsify” and make a sensation in the fashion industry. This year, she is heavily invested in the creation of her Diva Collection Line. She has launched over 30 styles this year, designed exclusively by her. Vanessa makes sure that each piece narrates a story. Customers also love the style-forward and conscious approach of the brand as well as her involvement and availability to her followers. Through her personal instagram, Vanessa posts previews for launches and maintains a very close relationship with her customers that makes the experience of her business a very unique one for her clientele. Vanessa focuses on the creation of a strategic plan that keeps Diva Boutique separate from others, and quality content creation is one of the most important aspects of that plan. Although, it is said that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”, in real life, this is quite damaging to the reach, reputation and customer loyalty of online brands. Vanessa has future plans to make Diva Boutique a premium brand that people consider a one- stop shop. She inspires people to be different, post consistently and utilize social media to the full extent. If you sleep on the power of this digital shift, you will miss out on huge opportunities. Diva Boutique is an example of that success. To shop from their brand, visit here.

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