Editor’s Pick: Richard James Rainbow Ombre Wallet

by Charles Manning

What: A neat, organized billfold in black microdot leather with a distinct Richard James faze interior. It has eight card slots and one note pocket sized for all denominations.

Who: Established in 1992 by Richard James and Sean Dixon, Richard James (the company) quickly established a reputation as a luxury brand with flare thanks to their use of vibrant colors, clever cuts, and offbeat combinations. It is a distinctively English aesthetic that has served them well for nearly 30 years, earning them something of a cult following among the more eccentric lovers of fine British tailoring.

Why: It’s just so fun! And the outside is still pretty conservative, which makes it great for guys who tend to save their flash for things like socks and ties and maybe the occasional pocket square — all things that, coincidentally, you can also get from Richard James, along with some truly gorgeous shirts and suits. And shoes! Did we mention shoes? And cufflinks and polos and all sorts of wonderfully dapper and natty English-y things.

Where: Richard-james.com

How (much): $375

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