Editor’s Pick: Lana Del Ray Fronts SKIMS’ Valentine’s Day Campaign

by Freya Drohan

What: From Pepto Bismol pink bodysuits to heart-adorned baby tees and luxe lace, there’s a present to suit every taste in SKIMS’ Valentine’s Day drop. And that’s before we even begin to talk about the accompanying campaign, starring lover girl Lana Del Ray, lensed by Kim Kardashian fave, photographer Nadia Lee Cohen.

Who: SKIMS, the game-changing brainchild of Kim Kardashian, has gained industry notoriety for its culturally clued-in campaigns (ICYMI, last year’s tongue-in-cheek installment starred the White Lotus’ Italian heartbreaker duo), so of course the stakes were high for Valentine’s Day 2024. This time around, Kardashian tapped retro-leaning music icon Lana Del Rey, a poster woman for that dreamy, nostalgia-infused, vintage-style aesthetic, ensuring the campaign will be on romantic moodboards for the foreseeable future.

Why: As for the product, as Oprah would imply: there’s something for everyone in the audience. And if you see a piece or five that pique your interest (for a self-gift, or warranting a nudge to your sweetheart), don’t delay, because last year’s SKIMS Valentine’s Day edit sold out fast. From the novelty (candy and rhinestone lingerie) to gifts for your pet, your bestie, your situationship, or your partner in life and crime, shop it like it’s hot right here.



Where: skims.com

How much: from $16

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