Editor’s Pick: Hawthorne Sensitive Skin Premium Face Cleanser and Lotion

by Charles Manning

What: A fragrance-free facial cleanser made with centella asiatica, aloe, paired with a gentle, matching moisturizer formulated with ceramides, vitamin B3, and aloe, to clean, nourish, and soothe sensitive skin.

Who: Founded in 2016, Hawthorne offers personalized self-care products tailored to a man’s individual skin, hair, and grooming needs. It all starts with their unique quiz, which brings together a variety of topics ranging from hygiene and daily routine, to lifestyle habits, and even inquiries about customers’ personalities and knowledge of personal care products, to find the perfect products for each individual.

“We started Hawthorne because we realized that there was a lack of accessibility to premium personal care products in the market,” says Brian Jeong, co-founder and CEO of Hawthorne. “Phil [Wong] and I understood that the barrier was not just caused by the price point of products, but more by the lack of discoverability, education, and personalization. Our mission is to establish Hawthorne as the leading personal care platform and brand in the world.”

Hawthorne co-founders Brian Jeong and Phil Wong

Why: Hawthorne makes it really easy to get great products that work for your (or you guy’s) individual needs. If you’re clueless about self-care and personal grooming, this is an amazing place to start. The products are formulated with premium, quality ingredients, made by the best perfumers and product labs, and tailored for your skin type, hair type, body chemistry, and scent preference. All products are free of any harmful chemicals known to cause health or environmental issues including sulfates, parabens, silicones, and phthalates. All products are also cruelty-free.

“Transparency is a huge part of the creative aspect of our face products,” says Phil Wong, co-founder and Creative Director of Hawthorne. “Our face products come with clear ingredient specifications on the bottle and packaging that are easily readable and not hidden in fine print. We have nothing to hide and even more to share.”

Where: Hawthorne.co

How (much): $19 each for one-time buyers, $17 for subscribers

And if sensitive skin isn’t your thing, no worries! Hawthorne’s new facial range can be tailored to whatever your skincare needs are.

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