Departing Cannes, Alyssa McKay Reflects On All Things Social Media and Beyond Lost NYC

by Tom White

As she departs the Cannes airport from her recent trip with Amazon, content creator and entrepreneur Alyssa McKay shares an exclusive glimpse on how her journey from foster care to prominent social media personality has shaped her co-founded brand Beyond Lost NYC.

Founded in 2021, Beyond Lost NYC has quickly made waves in streetwear with its exclusive, limited-edition drops featuring handcrafted embroidery and rhinestone detailing. Since its launch, Beyond Lost NYC has seen rapid growth, often selling out collections within hours. Alyssa has harnessed her skills as a content creator to strategically expand her brand, using platforms like Snapchat—where she holds the title of the most viewed female creator globally—to engage with her audience in new and exciting ways.


Read below for our interview with Alyssa McKay as she reflects on her recent Cannes adventure and shares insights into the vision driving Beyond Lost NYC.

Hi Alyssa! Great to get to speak with you. We hear you are writing to us as you depart Cannes! What brought you to France?
I went on a trip to Cannes, France with Amazon! I love traveling with Gianna, one of my best friends.

What was your experience like in France?
It was AMAZING. I met so many interesting people and the itinerary was top tier. Definitely a bucket list trip in every sense.

What inspired you to create Beyond Lost, and how has your childhood and journey shaped the brand’s mission and character?
Growing up in foster care, struggling to fit in or feel like I belonged anywhere was incredibly challenging, and something I’ve struggled with into adulthood. Beyond Lost is all about inclusivity and being a safe space for everyone in the world of exclusive fashion.


How has Beyond Lost molded itself to fit the e-commerce landscape of today? How has the social media following you built contributed to the development of the brand and its outreach?

Our biggest goal was to create high quality pieces at an accessible price point. In streetwear specifically, many items are poorly made and marked up to an egregious price point to ensure a high profit. We truly want to create high quality pieces that many people can enjoy. It’s a passion, not a side hustle. We have spent zero dollars in advertising/marketing.  What sets us apart from other brands is that we actually include my audience (specifically my Snapchat audience)  in the designing process. We ask about colorways and get feedback on old and new designs to continue elevating the brand.

What were your biggest influences for the new “Year of the Dragon” collection? What would you consider a must-have piece from Beyond Lost?
We created our Year of the Dragon piece because… it’s the year of the dragon! Our manufacturer actually recommended a year of the dragon piece, and we have a very close relationship with them, so we love opportunities to collaborate creatively.

Can you walk us through the creative process for a Beyond Lost drop or new collection?
Usually something sparks inspiration, whether it be a colorway or a logo or a design, and from there we get to the drawing board! We draw a mock up and select one colorway first, send it out and get a sample. From there, we make edits until we receive a sample that is approved. Then we will send over our color selects and then wait for our warehouse to receive the drop!


What do you prioritize in terms of materials and design for each drop? What do you consider to be the most important component of a Beyond Lost piece or collection
In any piece, our main priority is quality. From the material to the rhinestones/embroidery to every little stitch, we want it all to be as perfect as it can be.

How would you describe the relationship between your fanbase on Snapchat and Beyond Lost? How has snapchat helped grow Beyond Lost?
We have involved my Snapchat audience since brand inception. We include them in the designing process, like asking them what they think of upcoming designs and colorways, and we also ask for feedback and incorporate it into future pieces! I think this personal approach is unique to Beyond Lost and has created a strong relationship with our consumers.


What would you consider to be the biggest part of Beyond Lost’s identity? What message(s) do you hope people will take away from the brand’s pieces?
I would consider the biggest part to be our direct and personal relationship with our consumers. I think it’s really special and reflects the relationship I have as a creator with the same audience, so everything is very copacetic.

What makes Beyond Lost stand out from other streetwear brands?
We produce high quality pieces at a fair price point. Many other fashion brands produce mass amounts of low quality pieces for a huge upcharge. We operate opposite.

Social media is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. How do you ensure Beyond Lost stays in the conversation, and how do you manage the unpredictable nature of the internet?
The same way I manage the ever changing landscape in my own career as a content creator! I am constantly learning and adapting. 

What’s next for Beyond Lost and yourself?
We have so many cool drops coming soon, make sure you’re signed up for text alerts to be included in our giveaways (we pick 5 winners to gift pieces to every drop) and for early access to every drop!

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