DvF, Julianne Moore, and Naomi Watts Draw The Line

by Eddie Roche


Diane von Furstenberg joins Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, and Rufus Wainwright in participating in a limited-edition book, You Can’t Memorize This, which features over 40 original line drawings from creatives and goes on sale next month. The book is from the LilySarahGrace Foundation, founded by Matthew Badger and his partner, Abby Ballin, after his daughters Lily, Sarah, and Grace passed away in a fire on Christmas in 2011. The young girls, Lily, 9, and the twins Sarah and Grace, 7, were dyslexic with a passion for art. Since 2012, the foundation set up in their honor has given one million dollars in supplies to teachers in underfunded public elementary schools to include art in the curriculum. How can you help? Two options! They’ve set up a Kick Starter campaign in hopes of raising $20,000 with perhaps the cutest dog ever (watch the video!!!!!!) explaining why you should contribute. You can also buy the book when it comes out next month with all proceeds going to support arts education in underfunded schools. You won’t be able so say no to this pup. Trust.

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