Dream Job Alert! New York Magazine Seeks ‘Diner At Large’ To Eat Their Way Around NYC

by Freya Drohan

What’s that noise? Just our tummies rumbling at the mere mouth-watering thought of being able to dine in style around New York City for an entire year. New York Magazine and Grub Street have posted a bona fide job listing for a ‘diner at large’ who will be responsible for a weekly column and newsletter telling the story of the ever-changing metropolis through the lens of their meals and food-related memories.

In case you haven’t already closed this tab to go apply, here’s what you need to know: you should be restaurant obsessed (check), have a deep familiarity with New York City (check), and bring “quite a bit of prior professional writing experience” (check). Indeed, if my boss asks why I haven’t shown up for work tomorrow, kindly send him my best.

Alas, competition is bound to be stiffer than a Bemelmans Bar martini so here’s what you need to know: the position pays competitively and comes with a hefty expense account, no dieters need apply, and it’s not necessary to have prior experience as a traditional restaurant critic.

Interested in trying your hand at becoming the city’s next great food writer? You can apply by sending a resume, relevant clips, and an 800-word account of a recent night out that illustrates how and why you’re the feaster who’s a perfect fit. No cookie cutter formatted cover letter is required—yet another plus! Probably best to stock up on some stretchy pants too, in case your waistline expands as much as your mindset while on the job. Bonne chance! 

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