David Beckham Talks New Role with Kent & Curwen

by Sydney Sadick

British heritage menswear brand Kent & Curwen kicked off its US expansion at Saks with David Beckham this week. The line is rebranding with creative director Daniel Kearns to make it more modern and contemporary. Beckham gives us a taste of his new project… 

Why’d you want to get involved with the rebrand of Kent & Curwen?
I started the licensing company with the Fung brothers from Asia and one of the opportunities we had was to bring Kent & Curwen into [the fold.] We looked at how we could change and rebrand and bring Kent & Curwen back to real, authentic clothing with a real British feel. I was excited about the challenge to be part of a brand that’s been around for many, many years.

Is running a fashion label harder than playing soccer?
I’m not a designer and unfortunately don’t have the time, so bringing on someone like Daniel [Kearns] was really important for me. The great part of all of this for me is the fact that over the years I’ve been able to work with some great brands like Adidas for the last 20 years and many things for Armani and Belstaff so I’ve bene able to dip into this industry without getting too deep or involved.

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