Danielle Bernstein Talks Launching Second Skin Overalls

by Sydney Sadick

Having collaborated with brands on jewelry, fitness, and swimwear since she launched her blogging empire five years ago, it’s no surprise that WeWoreWhat founder Danielle Bernstein is taking her branding to the next level. Enter Second Skin Overalls, Bernstein’s own line of overalls comprised of five key styles that have her 1.5 million Instagram followers rushing to scoop up a pair—according to her Snapchat, they’re already selling out! We talked to the blogger turned designer about her new venture and why her brand keeps growing. 

What sparked the idea to launch your own line of overalls?

When I started my blog about five years ago, my tagline was “Overalls are my second skin.” I had always been a lover of overalls but have never been able to find the perfect pair, except for ones that were vintage and one-off pieces. I wanted to create a collection of overalls that every girl would want in her wardrobe.

Tell us about the collection!
The first collection is five key styles of overalls made in our signature cashmere-like denim. The fit and quality were most important in the design process. Each pair is flattering, high-wasted, stretchy without stretching out, luxurious in quality, and affordable.


How do you plan on expanding?
Second Skin Overalls will remain a “season-less” brand, however I plan on extending the brand to feature other materials. I’ve already started designing the next collection, which will include leather, lace, and silk.

How many pairs do you own?
Before this, about 20 to 30. And now just my five [Laughs].

You got rid of the rest?
Yes, I keep my vintage pairs for inspiration but now I’m not going to wear any but my own.

Why is now the right time to launch your own brand?

In the past few years my blog has expanded—it’s now more of a lifestyle brand. I’ve watched all the different parts of WeWoreWhat grow, which span from HomeWoreWhat to HeWoreWhat to WeAteWhat and more. I’ve done a ton of collaborations in the past, like a bathing suit line with Onia and a workout line with Bandier, so I think it made sense for me to make my own mark on a self-invested clothing line.

How have those experiences helped you in your design process?
I’ve never had a shortage of ideas. I think getting my ideas to come to life was something that has always been pretty easy when it comes to working with other brands because they already had all the production in place. Doing this on my own was quite the learning experience, and was so much more work than I could have ever imagined. But now I can say it was worth it!

You were vocal on the topic of Vogue editors calling out bloggers during Milan Fashion Week. Does it still bother you?
I think all that drama pretty much mellowed out, but seeing support from Vogue.com on this launch, specifically from their denim editor, would be a dream come true.

Going forward, how do you see yourself and WeWoreWhat continuing to evolve?
This is one of my biggest ventures yet because of my personal investment, and it’s one of the most important launches I’ve ever had, so focusing on this and expanding my personal brand is priority.

You’ve been teasing the launch of your overalls on Instagram for the past few weeks. How did your followers react?
The way I’ve teased it has brought on a lot of hype. It seems like everyone’s waiting to press the “buy” button when we launch and I’m really excited to see how well it does—hopefully. Fingers crossed!

Shop Second Skin Overalls through secondskinoveralls.com and through the Spring shopping app. 

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