Courtside Chatter! With Ana Ivanovic

by Eddie Roche
Ana Ivanovic

Tennis darling Ana Ivanovic talks to us about her looks on the court, beauty secrets, and where you might find her after the U.S. Open in September. 

What’s your fashion statement on the court?
How you come across on court draws people in. I like wearing dresses and switching my looks throughout the season. When you look good, you feel good, and ultimately play better. I’m known for my aggressive style of tennis, but I like to think of myself as a feminine player. Tennis is one of those sports where female athletes can look groomed and elegant, yet sporty.

Any beauty tips?
My new beauty secret is  Shiseido’s WetForce sun care range, which works even better when in contact with water or perspiration. I spend a lot of the time on the plane, traveling from one tournament to another, and I play tennis in extreme weather conditions. On the court, I’m often exposed to sun for hours, hence the importance of a great sun-care product.

You’re now an ambassador for Shiseido.
It’s a wonderful brand that I’ve known all my life, so it was an honor to be asked to partner with them. They stand for innovation and sophistication, two qualities that I aspire to.

Which magazines do you dig besides The Daily Summer?
Vanity Fair and Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar is my beauty and style bible. I’m interested in fitness, nutrition, and wellness, so I always enjoy reading Self.

Any chance we’ll see you in the Hamptons this season?
I may be able to stop by for a long weekend after the U.S. Open in September. My agent has invited me to stay over many times, and I may finally take his offer!


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