Cathy Horyn’s Return!

by Eddie Roche
Cathy Horyn

If you’re like us, fashion week just hasn’t been the same since Cathy Horyn resigned from The Times, but last night she made a return of sorts to chime in on PFW. We were on Twitter when @CathyHorynNY kept popping into our feed with her opinions on the recent shows in Paris. We’ve put together some highlights of her Twitter tête-à-tête with writer Max Berlinger to get her two cents on Paris Fashion Week, Gaultier, and Kimye. Overdue for a Cathy fix? Coming right up…

“@Berlinger: Thoughts on #PFW @CathyHorynNY?” Tops were Vuitton for staying a course but w more to reward the eye, and a Paris knowingness”

“@ttlovesactually: @TheMadamEditor @CathyHorynNY why does the media love Kimye? WHYYYY? It is a puzzle. Kimye & family hard to compete with

“@Berlinger: @CathyHorynNY Do you think the web has hurt or helped fashion criticism as a form?” Jury is still out but so far it’s hurting.

@minniemelange: @Berlinger I’d be interested in yr thoughts on Chanel finale, @CathyHorynNY. My knickers are not in a twist. It’s a show!

@OkramOknej: @CathyHorynNY @Berlinger: What about Dries?” Feel we’ve been down this path a bit. Though loved some of the skimmy dresses

“@Berlinger: .@CathyHorynNY what did you make JPG news?” Very sensible! Fame lasts for no one. And JPG has done genius HC, so now he’s free

“@Berlinger: .@CathyHorynNY when reviewing, what helped most? show, showroom, interview?” Interviews not so helpful unless KL, Miuccia, Raf

“@Berlinger: .@CathyHorynNY when reviewing, what helped most? show, showroom visit, interview?” A quiet showroom visit, as in “leave me be!

“@Berlinger: .@CathyHorynNY Yes! What were ur Paris standouts?” Also CRAZY about Rei K! Abstraction at new level. Like a John Chamberlain!

“@Berlinger: .@CathyHorynNY any1 surprise you? any trends you like?” Oh I’m terrible on trends! Fringe? Haha

“@MattAraGoulet: I like to imagine @Berlinger & @CathyHorynNY’s recaps  on a Brooklyn fire escape w the two  ciggies.” Cld be arranged!

“@Berlinger: .@CathyHorynNY do you think fashion ability to shock? Like YSL or Dior making front page news? ”Absolutely! I’m an optimist!”

Plus! The retweet that says it all…

Cathy Horyn retweeted
The Madam-Editor @TheMadamEditor  ·  17h 17 hours ago
Thank heavens fashion week is OVER. I missed @CathyHorynNY she would never have been a part of the media raucous over Kimye. Never. Ever.


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Mary Hamilton October 2, 2014 - 5:56 PM

Reading these tweets is bittersweet as I am now reminded of how much I have missed Cathy Horn’s articles in the NYT. Can someone please tell me that Cathy Horn is officially back in the ‘biz’ of writing?

diabolique October 3, 2014 - 3:46 AM

I really wish someone like Cathy Horyn will just slash out at Kanye and his H0E wife, instead of the others who grin-and-bear-it. They make fashion a very bad taste.


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