OG Calvin Klein Won’t Wear Raf’s Calvin Klein

by Eddie Roche

Calvin Klein was front (row) and center last night at the Carolina Herrera fall 2018 fashion show — showing his support for a fellow icon of American fashion and dishing on the state of his own namesake brand. 

First let’s chat about Mrs. H. Give us your take on her impact.
Carolina has had an incredible contribution to fashion.  She has such great style. I remember when she decided  she wanted to be a designer. There were some other women who wanted to be designers at that time, and Carolina stuck with it all these years and developed a business. I don’t think people have an idea how vast the business is. Her clothes are very her. She had a background and foundation that very few people have. She has such great personal style, and it comes through in her collections. 

You look great. Who are you wearing tonight?
I make my clothes in Italy. 

Not [the current] Calvin Klein?
I don’t wear those clothes. As a matter of fact, I can’t find anything off the rack that I can buy. Maybe it’s my fit. I don’t know. 

You still look good! Do you still work out every day?
I do I work out six days a week at the gym. I believe in exercise to stay fit. I’m spending a lot of time in Los Angles now so you have to be in physically good shape. The weather is so beautiful and you see lots of skin.

Do you work out at Equinox or at home?
I go to Gold’s Gym in Venice. I love it. It’s so cool and underground. When I’m not there, Equinox. 

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