Bra Bags Anyone? Seen By Shayne Oliver for Helmut Lang Is Now Available

by Paige Reddinger

Seen By Shayne Oliver just dropped and we’re wondering which of you will be brave enough to don the leather bra top that doubles as a handbag (hint: carrying it in your hand doesn’t count for bravery). For the less subversive but fashion forward, the Half Bra Coat will still serve a serious look. And for those looking for a heavier dose of sex appeal, the Pull Up Skirt will certainly do the trick. It does take a certain amount of fearlessness to wear Shayne Oliver‘s designs, but let’s not forget how many designers have taken Oliver’s ideas, since the inception of his highly influential Hood By Air brand, and commercialized them. As a decidedly more corporate and structured brand than HBA, Helmut Lang was cool enough not to tone Oliver’s ideas down. Now, will they sell? Only time will tell!

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