10 Things You Don’t Know About…The Wall Group’s Ali Bird

by Sydney Sadick

We know you’re no stranger to Ali Bird, the New York director of The Wall Group. But do you know some of her most interesting facts? Test your knowledge in the latest installment of “10 Things!”

  1. I never ditched a single day in high school: Aside from my dad being a professor, I genuinely love learning and I have never been much of a rule breaker.
  2. My back up plan is to be a backup dancer: Janet Jackson, anyone?
  3. I fall asleep with a book on my face every night before 10:15pm: I have reread The Awakening by Kate Chopin more times than I’m comfortable sharing.
  4. I met my wife Cass (Bird) in college: It was love at first sight and now we have two children—Leo (9) and Mae (7).
  5. Popcorn is my favorite dinner: I make it with olive oil, sugar and salt, never from a box.
  6. I have 67 (ish) pairs of vintage denim: I have knack for discerning exactly which type of jean will fit me (and others) without ever having to try them on.
  7. I’m a secret crafter: I have an embroidery habit that pairs nicely with my vintage denim habit.
  8. I make an excellent veggie taco:…and a mean margarita.
  9. I won’t leave home without an eye-lash curler: I have super short eyelashes and I curl them multiple times a day.
  10. I started at The Wall Group in 2001: I was Brooke Wall’s (Founder & CEO) assistant.

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