Bellabeat Kicks Off Summer With a Spectacular Intimate Dinner Hosted by Olivia Culpo and Isabel Alysa Vita at Exclusive Nobu, Malibu

by Maria Williams

With summer kicking off and the cool ocean breeze teasing the shores of Malibu, wellness leader Bellabeat welcomed the season with an intimate Wellness Summer Power dinner at the exclusive Nobu, Malibu. Olivia Culpo, the internationally renowned model and actress, and Isabel Alysa Vita, the brains behind the celebrity-endorsed tan brand Dolce Glow and business partner of Miley Cyrus, led the evening as hosts.

A passionate advocate of Bellabeat’s mission, Isabel Alysa Vita shared her enthusiasm for the brand: “I absolutely love Bellabeat and what they stand for! As a business owner, wife, and busy mom, their tools have become my secret weapon for staying in tune with my body and mind. Checking my readiness score each morning and aligning my meals and workouts with my cycle phases through the Bellabeat app has become an essential part of my routine. Also, it’s incredibly refreshing to see a brand that recognizes our bodies function differently than men’s and embraces the uniqueness of our female wellness journey. They’ve truly become the forefront of empowering women in the world of health and wellness.”

Olivia Culpo, also a supporter of the brand, shared, “The rise of the wellness industry is incredible, and I’m thrilled to support brands like Bellabeat that empower women to prioritize their customized approach to health and wellness. I believe that self-care is an essential part of maintaining not only good physical but also mental health, and I admire Bellabeat’s passion and dedication in becoming the ultimate tool for women on their self-care journey.”

Olivia Culpo perfectly styled her white Ivy

The intimate dinner brought high-profile personalities and influencers together. Some of the attendees included the Culpo sisters, Aurora and Sophia, famous for their reality show on HBO Max with her sister Olivia, the globally renowned fitness influencer and entrepreneur Sarah Stage, American singer and model Pia Mia, the only male guest James Charles, a world-famous celebrity make up artist and beauty blogger, American singer Montana Tucker, Liz Culley – a director at Conde Nast, WWD beauty report  Ryma Chikhoune, Sports Illustrated Model Gabriella Halikas, celebrity photographer Solmaz Saberi, TikTok influencer Bunny Hedaya, and many more.

Ana Metelko – Bellabeat, Valentina Sunek Marendic – Bellabeat, Isabel Alysa Vita, Olivia Culpo, Lejla Sertovic – CMO Bellabeat

However, the focus of the evening wasn’t solely on the gourmet cuisine or the guest list but on Bellabeat’s comprehensive approach to wellness, especially on unlocking the power of the summer season. One of the guest’s favorites was a Bellabeat tote bag filled with summer kickoff wellness essentials like their famous Ivy – the only health and wellness tracker designed and made exclusively for women, and Bellabeat Yoga Mat. The centerpiece of wellness discussions revolved around the limited edition of the Bellabeat Wellnews paper, which showcased their top summer trends in wellness. These trends included living in sync with your cycle, ice baths, digital detox, the 80/20 rule, and more. The Wellnews paper sparked conversations and provided valuable insights on the hottest wellness summer trends, inspiring guests to explore new avenues for their well-being.

Lejla Sertovic, CMO of Bellabeat, shared her impressions after the event, saying, “It’s really an honor to be hosting an event at such an exclusive location as Nobu, Malibu. It’s an even greater honor to gather a group of over 40 wonderful and powerful women who share the same vision that health and wellness really has become an absolute No.1 priority.

Thinking of the summer season, we believe it’s finally time to redefine it and its meaning. It should no longer be synonymous with a season of restrictive diets or thoughtless indulgence. Summer is actually the perfect time for reflection, setting new goals, and adopting a new wellness routine, whether it involves introducing a balanced diet, exploring new exercise methods, tracking biometric and wellness data, or aligning with one’s menstrual cycle. “


Building upon this idea, she added,  “At Bellabeat, we are dedicated to curating trends that are specifically tailored to women’s health, offering a holistic and balanced approach to wellness. This gathering reaffirmed our belief that women desire a comprehensive approach to well-being, leveraging the available tools and technology to enhance their wellness journeys. We take immense pride in being their trusted companion, providing tailored solutions and support every step of the way.” 

In line with Bellabeat’s commitment to empowering women, the brand continues to lead the femtech and wellness industry with its upcoming product, the Ivy+, coming out by the end of this year. As Bellabeat’s newest addition follows the lead of Ivy, a health and wellness tracker, one of TIME’s best inventions of 2022, Ivy+ promises to offer advanced features for tracking wellness indicators and an added layer of personalization to its wellness programs.

Seems like this event marked the start of what is set to be an empowering, enlightening, and, most importantly, healthy summer with Bellabeat.

About Bellabeat:
Bellabeat stands at the forefront of the global wellness industry, revolutionizing women’s health and technology with its female-centric health and wellness tracker, apps for wellness coaching, and the Period Diary. The company’s game-changing work has garnered attention and has been awarded one of Time’s Best Invention 2022 and Best smart jewelry by Business Insider. Bellabeat empowers women to reconnect with themselves, unleash their inner strengths and be what they were meant to be.

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