Giulia and Romeo: A Modern Vegan Fashion Love Story

by Amir Bakian

In recent years, the fashion industry has witnessed a remarkable shift towards sustainable and ethical practices. Among the frontrunners of this movement is Giulia & Romeo, a pioneering vegan fashion brand that seamlessly combines style, sustainability, and a deep-rooted commitment to animal welfare. Founded by Daniela Brunner, the brand emerged from her personal journey towards veganism and her quest for fashionable, cruelty-free clothing. With an emphasis on unique designs and ethical production practices, Giulia & Romeo has become a trailblazer in the world of vegan fashion.

The inception of Giulia & Romeo can be traced back to January 2018, a pivotal moment in Daniela Brunner’s life. With the birth of her son Romeo, Daniela’s perspective on the world underwent a significant transformation, including her approach to fashion. She had previously been a consumer of exclusive high-end brands, oblivious to the cruelty hidden behind the scenes. However, as she delved into the vegan lifestyle, Daniela became acutely aware of the suffering inflicted on animals for the sake of fashion.  “my whole attitude changed. I used to always buy exclusive high end brands and suddenly became aware of how much cruelty is hidden in all these products”. Disheartened by the lack of stylish and cruelty-free options in the market, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create a fashion collection that would be both attractive and produced without harming animals.


According to Daniela, all the pieces in the Giulia & Romeo collection are born from her inner intuition. The brand showcases multiple capsule collections throughout the year, carefully selecting pieces that seamlessly fit together. Their designs combine style and sustainability, ranging from chic minimalism to bold avant-garde creations. Giulia & Romeo’s aesthetic emphasizes clean lines, attention to detail, and versatility, offering timeless pieces like tailored blazers, flowing maxi dresses, and sleek handbags, all aligned with their cruelty-free ethos. Daniela incorporates fashion trends that genuinely captivate her creative vision, ensuring the brand stays true to its unique style. She personally wears and tests each garment to ensure it meets their high standards of style, comfort, and quality. As Daniela puts it, “I create everything also for myself, it is very easy. I love only stylish items and I have to wear and test every single piece before it finally goes to the collection” This hands-on approach guarantees that every item embodies Giulia & Romeo’s distinctive flair while meeting their passion for stylish, cruelty-free fashion.”

The path to success is seldom free of obstacles, and Giulia & Romeo was no exception. Giulia & Romeo encountered significant challenges as they prepared for their second major fashion show. Despite partnering with a small manufacturer three hours away from Munich and providing all the necessary fabrics, none of the pieces met their expectations. Just ten days before the show, faced with a seemingly insurmountable setback, the team regrouped. They packed the pieces and enlisted the help of several tailors to remake the entire collection from scratch. Their dedication and perseverance paid off as, except for a few handbags, everything was completed to perfection just hours before the show. This unwavering commitment to delivering excellence exemplifies Giulia & Romeo’s pursuit of quality.


At the core of Giulia & Romeo’s philosophy is a profound reverence for the planet. The brand leads by example, donating 100% of their profits to animal welfare organizations. As Daniela Brunner explains, “I think that the motivation to do so must come from the heart. Every other thought focused only on profit is definitely not the right way.” In their commitment to sustainability, Giulia & Romeo actively seeks out eco-friendly materials like organic jersey, ipeker, Ecopel, and innovative vegan leather alternatives. By utilizing these materials, they reduce the harmful environmental impacts associated with traditional fashion production. Responsible manufacturing processes hold great importance to Giulia & Romeo. They take pride in working with small local tailors, fostering a close-knit production process that supports local businesses. The brand collaborates with skilled artisans and manufacturers who uphold fair labor practices and prioritize worker welfare. Through transparent and ethical supply chains, Giulia & Romeo ensures that every individual involved in their production process is treated fairly and respectfully.

One of the standout features of Giulia & Romeo’s collections is their innovative vegan leather. The brand has invested in extensive research and development to create high-quality, sustainable alternatives to traditional animal leather. By combining plant-based materials, such as pineapple leaves, cork, and mushroom-derived leather, they have successfully developed cruelty-free options that closely mimic the texture, durability, and aesthetic appeal of genuine leather.


With aspirations of becoming an international brand, Giulia & Romeo plans to open more stores worldwide. While their first store will soon grace the streets of Munich in September, the brand envisions cities like London, Los Angeles, and New York as potential future destinations for their stores. “With the opening of our store, we will have the opportunity to build up a personal bond to our customers. Here we can fully concentrate on their wishes”.


Giulia & Romeo is at the forefront of the vegan fashion revolution, combining style, sustainability, and compassion. Through their innovative use of sustainable materials, ethical manufacturing processes, and commitment to animal welfare, the brand has set a new standard in the fashion industry. Giulia & Romeo demonstrates that fashion can be both beautiful and kind, proving that cruelty-free alternatives have the power to reshape the industry and create a more sustainable future. As consumers increasingly seek out ethical choices, Giulia & Romeo stands as a shining example of how fashion and compassion can intertwine to create a better world.

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