Jade Marlin: Great Fashion Design and Positive Influence

by Tom White

The world of fashion and design is incredibly competitive. Crushed by the pressure early in their careers, many young designers struggle while others strive for decades without achieving standout success. It takes more than talent. Many great designs never make it to the runway, and some creative people need a more resilient focus for what it takes to turn art into a business. Jade Marlin knows very well how fierce the competition can be, but this former baseball player knows how to stand up to the competition and win.

The Jade Marlin Fashion Brand
The Jade Marlin Collection is a stylish, wearable line of business and casual wear that includes everything from polos to suits, hoodies to sneakers, baseball caps to beanies, and even a few very classy watch designs. The collection has everything a wardrobe needs, with some parts emanating the refined confidence of business or lounge culture and others fashionably casual. It’s all unified by a sense of comfort, so you know a piece will feel good to wear just by looking at it.

The line’s versatility is evident in its diverse presence. It has been featured in major retailers such as Costco, Walmart, and Tillys’, as well as gracing the runways of both New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week.


The Long Climb to the Summit
The fashion industry hasn’t been without its challenges, and the further Jade’s success takes him, the bigger the challenges get. He’s still building, though. “Never stop until you make it to the top,” he says, and the top of the fashion world is still ahead of him.

However, he still remembers how difficult it was to get started in the industry, so he’s also found the time to help share the keys with up-and-coming young designers. Based near Los Angeles, the Jade Marlin Foundation, a nonprofit organization developing educational programs to support youth and aspiring adults, is designed to lower entry barriers to the industry. The foundation recently partnered with fashion professors at Santa Monica College to lead a fashion summit in November 2024.

Jade Marlin’s story of ascent in the fashion industry had an uncommon start, but he loved the journey, the world of fashion design, and opening the path to others. He’s become a big part of the fashion scene in LA, not only with his designs and his work with the foundation but also for his positivity and vibe. The challenges don’t get Jade down. He loves LA life as much as he loves his work in fashion, and he’s a positive presence in the industry.

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