Beauty Chatter With Bar Refaeli

by Sydney Sadick

In the pages of the Daily Summer, we got the beauty 411 from Bar Refaeli, because who doesn’t want to know exactly what this model beauty does to look so great?

Morning routine: “A glass of water, coffee, and another coffee.”

Beauty advice: “A smile is the best makeup you can wear.”

Workout: “Pilates and TRX, five times a week.”

Go-to products: “Kerastase hair products, Dermalogica skin care, and usually, I don’t wear makeup.”

Superfoods: “I try to fit greens into every meal; they help the metabolism and maintain the balance between proteins and carbs.”

Drinks of choice: “Water and a Martini tonic.”

Fragrance: “Soap.”

Sunscreen: “Lancaster.”

Toothpaste: “Colgate. I change flavors all the time.”

Nail polish: “Anything nude.”

Luxury indulgences: “Bags!”

Bodywork: “I try to get in a massage every weekend, but in reality, it’s once a month.”

Beauty rule: “Less is more. And you are always pretty when you are comfortable.”

Wake-up call: “When I’m not working, 9 a.m.”

Hours of sleep: “At least eight.”

Hair care routine: “Shampoo, mask twice a week, and before my hair is completely dry I use SEACRET hair serum.”

Beach habits: “I always wear sunscreen and a hat. I love the sun, but I try to avoid it.”

Detox routine: “Sweat. When I feel I need a cleanse, I eat healthier and work out a lot.”

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