At Last! How To Save Your Purse

by Sydney Sadick

Calling all “bag ladies”! We know there are plenty of you—in 2013, women in the U.S. spent 8.7 billion dollars (yikes!) on handbags, according to But fear no more about getting mud, gum, dirt, or unknown sticky gooey stuff stuck to the bottom of your beloved designer bags. Because honestly, who likes that? Cyndi Heap, the founder behind Wrapurse, invented a designer cover to shield the bottom of your handbag. Good news, for ladies who take public transportation or those who don’t want to ruin the suede on their latest Gucci bag. Wrapurse is a product of convenience, re-usability, versatility and protection…and will improve the longevity of your handbag. The website features a variety of “wrapurses” in different colors and styles attached to (what else?) Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags. Click here to see for yourself. Here’s to saving the purses!

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