Amazon Claims There’s Nothing They Can Do About Fakes, Instagram’s Diet Industry Problem

by Aria Darcella

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Amazon Warns of Counterfeit Products From Third-Party Retailers (CNBC)
Amazon has finally acknowledged that its third-party retailers — people who sell products through Amazon’s platform — might be selling stolen or counterfeit goods. The company highlighted the issue in its new earnings report. “We also may be unable to prevent sellers in our stores or through other stores from selling unlawful, counterfeit, pirated, or stolen goods, selling goods in an unlawful or unethical manner, violating the proprietary rights of others, or otherwise violating our policies,” it said. This will surely cause problems for the company going forward, as it plans to shift focus to third-party sellers more and more.

British Dr. Calls For Banning of Weight-Loss Products on Instagram (Harper’s Bazaar UK)
A lucrative way for influencers, and even some celebrities, to make money via social media is to hawk diet products like teas and lollipops. But Stephen Powis, medical director of England’s National Health Service, is calling them a threat to public mental health. “Our young people are bombarded with ideas, images and advertising which set such a high bar for what they should feel and look like. And yet there is little accountability for the impact this has,” he wrote. Powis suggests banning ads for products that have known health risks in particular.


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Tyra Banks Wants to Open a Modeling-Themed Amusement Park (Vogue)
A few years ago Tyra Banks penned a book series titled Modelland. Well, fans of the book should be excited as Banks is looking to open a theme park in California with the same name. Details are still vague — there might be a narrative element and no one knows when it will open. It will certainly have a dining and shopping experience built in, though. Honestly, it sounds about as authentic to the world of modeling as America’s Next Top Model was.


Saks Fifth Avenue Finally Unveils Its Revamped Main Floor
Saks Fifth Avenue has been hard at work for the past few years renovating its flagship location, dropping $250 million on the endeavor. Today the main floor is finally open. It’s modern, chic, and fancy schmancy!

Barneys Gets the Scoop on Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry (WWD)
Barneys will be carrying Riccardo Tisci’s debut collection for Burberry ahead of all other retailers in the United States apart from Burberry itself. The collection will be available tomorrow. In other Barneys news, the shop’s restaurant, Freds, will be offering a burger designed by Alexander Wang to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The dish comes with custom Wang chopsticks, and Barneys New York x Alexander Wang fortune cookies.


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