Kith + Versace + Bella Hadid = OMG

by Aria Darcella
Kith x Versace

Next week, Versace is launching a massive new collaboration with KITH. Featuring 100 pieces for men and women—spanning ready-to-wear, lingerie, and swimwear — it even features a re-issue of the Amico trainer, a Versace sneaker from the ’90s. As if all that weren’t enough, they got Bella Hadid to model it all.

KITH designed the silhouettes for the collection while Versace provided the fabrics. For its part, the Italian house dove in with gusto, bringing back some pretty lavish archival prints. All of the hardware is custom. Clearly Donatella was comfortable with the streetwear brand, because she even let them tweak the house’s Medusa logo — a first. It now features “KITH” across the eyes.

(Kith x Versace)

Fans have been loving Versace’s recent collections, as Donatella continues to mine the history of the house, bringing back some of its most popular pieces. This collaboration does more of the same, giving the people exactly what they want, filtered through KITH’s streetwear lens and resulting in a collection that is cool and totally now.

KITH x Versace will be available in-stores and online at KITH, as well as in select Versace flagship stores February 15.

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