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A Moment With…Marc Jacobs and Jane Bruton At The FMAs!

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More delightful morsels from the Fashion Media Awards, darlings! Your Daily chatted up Marc Jacobs and Grazia’s Jane Bruton before MJ presented Bruton with her accolade. Now, this is a pooch party we’d like to take part in.

What brought this incredible duo together?
Jane Bruton: We’re here today for the Fashion Media Awards—
Marc Jacobs: For you! It’s all about Jane. 
Jane: I’m a massive fan of Marc. 
Marc: And I’m a fan of Jane’s. 
Jane: All of our Grazia readers love everything that Marc does, from his clothes down to what his dogs are doing.

How did you two meet?
Marc: Through Katie Grand.

Marc: At a Vuitton show. 

Where with you be afterparty-ing to celebrate Jane’s award?
Marc: I’m going back to the office! I’ve got shows to do. I’m not going to any afterparties this week, anyway.
Jane: That’s why it’s so amazing that Marc’s here.

What’s the best award you’ve ever won, Marc?
Marc: I don’t know! I never won a swimming tournament, I never won a spelling bee…

Jane, do you have a Marc frock you treasure most?
Jane: Well, I love the dress I’m wearing today. But really, I love everything he does. Every season, I think, “It just can’t be beat!” And he does.

What’s on the bucket list for you two to do together?
Jane: Walk our dogs!
Marc: Have the day off together!

Are your dogs pals?
Marc: Not yet, but I’m sure they would be. I think they’d get along famously.
Jane: Marc’s dog doesn’t like walking, and mine does. 
Marc: He does like walking with other dogs, actually. It’ll be a doggy date! 

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