Yahoo Taps Bobbi Brown As Editor In Chief Of Its Beauty Content

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) Bobbi Brown will be taking her makeup prowess online in a completely new capacity, as the editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty. She took to her blog to discuss the big news, noting that she will be continuing on as chief creative officer at her namesake beauty line when she starts her new gig at Yahoo on April 21st. The frequency of Brown’s posts on the site is yet to be determined. However, Brown is being given free rein over the platform that is slated to launch sometime this June. The beauty guru promises that she will be diplomatic to other makeup labels. “This is not going to be the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics channel,” she insisted to WWD, “I am approaching this as a journalist…This will be a brand agnostic site.” This isn’t Brown’s first writing stint: she’s penned eight books since launching her beauty empire back in 1997, which she recently expanded to include eyewear. At Yahoo’s revamped platform, she will join the likes of Katie Couric, Matt Bai, and Virginia Heffernan in the retooled site’s coverage of lifestyle topics.

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