Why Kaye Bassey is Your New Favorite Beauty and Fashion Influencer

by Thomas Herd

Known as the celebrities of social media, influencers are now the measuring stick of today’s culture reviewing and sharing anything and everything from the best places to vacation to the best skin care products to life hacks and more. And while social media platforms might seem oversaturated with influencer content, it can be difficult as an observer to see this a constantly curated and seemingly perfect life. But for one Los Angeles-based influencer, what sets her apart is her unapologetic authenticity and her commitment to sharing positive content that will ultimately help her followers enhance their lives. Introducing Kaye Bassey.  Having established her initial blog in 2014, Kaye created her blog for fun, as a way to connect and share her love for fashion, beauty and life with the online community. But after seeing positive engagement with her followers, in 2019 she jumped at the opportunity to transition into blogging and influencing full time. And with an interesting and different background, Kaye immediately found a diverse audience that could relate to her, having been born in Canada, coming from a Nigerian background and growing up primarily in Europe. With this uniqueness, she’s leveraged her following of more than 157K followers on Instagram and 139K on TikTok to earn the opportunities to work with major brands like Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Pantene, Sephora, Revolve, Thierry Mugler, and more.

But at the core of everything she does, Kaye loves to share her honest advice on the products she’s using, books she’s reading and what she’s doing to stay motivated and inspired. With her unbridled dedication to making relatable content that spreads positivity, she hopes that her content will encourage followers to make changes in their lives that will help them live a better life. Most recently, with the surge of mental health awareness as a result of the pandemic, Kaye’s content has been largely focused on self-care, sharing tips and methods for how one can feel a little bit better despite these unprecedented times, even if it means doing something really small for yourself. She hopes that her content inspires her followers to live better and to not be afraid of curating the life they want for themselves, from a fashion, beauty and lifestyle standpoint.  To learn more about Kaye Bassey, follow her on Instagram.

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