German Influencer Ann-Kathrin Encourages Broader Expression In Today’s Digital Media Climate

by The Daily Front Row

One of the increasing roles of fashion media today is to depict a broader, more colorful, more nuanced, and altogether more accurate look at our culture shapers than Instagram and contemporary social media does. For instance, in the case of one of Europe’s most exceptional young influencers – Ann-Kathrin (IG: @annkathrinru)- her Instagram projects her as a fashionable and seductive blonde model.

However such characterization would be a massive injustice to the versatile, brilliant renaissance women she is.   Ann-Kathrin doubles back as a business development specialist for one of Europe’s largest tech firms (they are also putting her through schooling), an animal rights activist, and a literary buff to boot.

She tells us how important it was to vocalize her full versatility as a woman, and acknowledged that short form content platforms don’t allow her (nor many of her peers) the range of expression she needs to inspire young women. “I may be only 20-years-old and classified as an Instagram influencer”- Ann- Kathrin says. “But I’m just using Instagram as a stepping stone for my career. My ambitions lie in creating a brand around empowering women and giving them the confidence and courage to demonstrate their full versatility.” As such, Ann-Kathrin establishes an important precedent for why broader range expression is so important in today’s digital content culture.  Without it, an accurate picture of who today’s heroes are on social media and what our youth can learn from them could be ultimately lost.

Written by: Thomas Herd
Presented by: T1 

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