How Lisa Kistermann Became the Ultimate Modern Muse

Embodying elegance, sensuality, fearlessness, she makes rebellion look chic; here’s why Lisa Kistermann is so deserving of the label.

by Prestige Perfections

While the ‘It Girls’ of the early 2000s were famed for putting a dramatic emphasis on the appearance, the It Girls of 2023 bring an effortless cool factor to the table that all who watch on wish to embody. From Bella Hadid’s unique vintage street style, to the Hailey Bieber’s signature clean girl ‘glazed’ aesthetic, the contemporary It Girl is all about owning an individual’s natural charisma with ease – something modern muses are living up to in the fullest. One of today’s most buzzed about uprising young women is an Italian socialite with the body of a supermodel and the brains of a businesswoman: Lisa Kistermann, co-founder and creative director of eclectic sneaker brand Crime London. Between gracing red carpets and building Crime London into a sneaker powerhouse alongside sister Jessica, Lisa Kistermann and her “look good, work harder” mentality live up to the epitome of a Modern Muse.


A regular across sports events, often spotted in the front row of fashion weeks, and hanging out with her mega cool crew of friends from Ibiza to Porto Cervo, Kistermann’s life looks straight out of a movie scene. Kistermann’s real-life fantasy only grows when looking at her brand Crime London’s extraordinary success and celebrity fandom; Rihanna, Tyga and Sophia Richie have all rocked the majorly must-have kicks. And yet, the young entrepreneur has always maintained both feet on the ground, helping Kistermann to carve out a unique and consumer-beloved approach to sneaker-fashion in an increasingly competitive industry.

The Italian beauty calls attention when she walks into the room, as photographers seek to snap a picture of Kistermann and her signature tomboy style. But launching into conversation with her, it’s clear that the designer possesses depth far more profound than her beautiful surface, with the fearlessness to match.


Lisa owns the effortless sense of style needed for an It Girl of the modern age, moving far beyond just clothes – it’s about her ability to create an aura or persona that transcends individual looks, pieces, trends and seasons. The Crime London creative’s vision is more than just seeing; it’s perceiving. As “all that glitters isn’t gold,” Kistermann plays a lot with juxtaposing and attention to details, whether in Crime London’s latest collection or nailing looks on Instagram and streetstyle alike.


Her ability to strike a balance between sophisticated female elegance and underground androgynous cool, makes her the Modern Muse you just can’t take your eyes off. No one pulls off her signature head-to-toe black, oversized tailoring looks quite like she does. Masculine and baggy silhouettes, her aesthetic is subtle, polished yet relaxed. Always keeping people guessing, she then switches it up with bold microskirts to show off mile-high legs, 90’s belly button jeans and loose silky long hair. She also favours vintage accessories, and has made sure to incorporate staples like the Hermès Kelly bag and artisanal jewellery into her enviable wardrobe. Keeping scrolling for some of Kistermann’s latest looks and recent fashion credentials, filled with the designer’s elegant minimalism and unadulterated boldness.

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