Fashion Guru Dawn Leak Shares Her Top Wisdom

by Amir Bakian

Dawn Leak is a seasoned fashion influencer whose knowledge and experience in the industry may benefit anyone who pursues their aspirations and hobbies. Dawn was born in Harlem but grew up in the South Bronx with her father, who was not only a gifted poet, painter, and sculptor but also her biggest supporter. Dawn’s father always pushed her to have the confidence that she did and always pursue her aspirations, even if they only had a brief time together before his untimely passing. This sparked Dawn’s enthusiasm for fashion, literature, and entrepreneurship, and she hasn’t looked back since.

Elite Paris signed Dawn due to her dedication to the profession, which marked the beginning of a great career in the fashion industry. Dawn has appeared in renowned magazines like German Elle, German Max, Vogue, and Italian Amica. She was also the face of Absolut Vodka Africa, which allowed her to walk the runways and showrooms of Yves Saint Laurent, Issey Miyake, Thierry Mugler, Paco Rabanne, Azzedine Alaїa, and John Galliano.

Dawn leveraged her skills and experience in fashion to transition into an entrepreneur, writer, and influencer in the creative sphere. No Rhyme..No Reason and The Blattaria Mind are two psychological thrillers she’s authored. She received the Bronze Remi Award for No Rhyme…No Reason at the Houston International Film Festival for her contribution to the space. She went into business after that with her Dawn Lip Candy lipstick line. Dawn believes it is essential to remain focused. Your love for anything should outweigh your fears. You should try to be fearless, think outside the box, and challenge yourself to new limits. Success is never meant to be easy, so you have to continually work for what you want to achieve. Also, don’t be afraid to actualize your purpose when there is no cushion. Remember no safety net to guarantee success. Always be willing to take a chance that may supersede any hardships we all face.

According to Dawn, success is rare, and failure is very personal. Essentially, as a model, the days are long, the waiting is endless, and the travel is exhausting. As a result, the key to survival is to be mentally strong enough to handle the disappointments that are sure to come. Dawn herself has been fortunate enough to survive as a model for decades by having a mindset of determination and strength. A strong personality and the ability to overcome hurdles will lead you to success, especially when others doubt your abilities. In the coming years, Dawn wants to continue growing and scaling her brand as an entrepreneur, acquiring opportunities to catapult herself to higher levels where she can make a difference and impact change in the world. She also envisions herself evolving into a fierce businesswoman, having her own makeup and clothing line on QVC. To her, her fashion industry success is a warm-up for her dream to establish a fashion industry-based business empire. Dawn also wants to continue inspiring and encouraging other young fashion enthusiasts to go after their dreams and never give up.

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