Cassidy Payne: Fashion Trends and Style Inspo.

by Nandini Vaid

In recent years, the rise of social media has given birth to a new breed of celebrity: the fashion influencer. These individuals have worked hard to gain huge followings on platforms like Instagram and TikTok by sharing their personal style, fashion tips, and product recommendations with their followers. Cassidy Payne is a fashion/dance influencer with over 1 million followers, she has established herself as a trusted authority on fashion and style. Showing her followers how a woman can be confident, sexy, and girly all while pushing the fashion envelope. As seen in these photos in her outfit provided by Xtra clothing, Cassidy shows she’s not afraid to take risks with fashion.


Tell me about your personal style.
Early 2000s and Y2K esthetic. I thrift a lot of my clothes so I focus on pieces from that era. I can go from being super girly in a pink velour Juicy Couture sweatsuit to wearing parachute pants and Jordan’s. My environment dictates my fashion style also.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration?
I grew up in the early 2000s which was the Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Destiny Child era. I loved looking at their outfits in music videos and on TV. That is where I started finding my own style and knew that’s how I wanted to dress when I grew up.

How do you stay on top of fashion trends?
I find a lot of inspiration on social media like Instagram and TikTok. I am inspired by a few other influencers and I use them for inspiration. I’ll see what’s trending and incorporate that into my own style.

Which celebrity has your favorite style?
Absolutely Doja Cat. Specifically when she was on tour in 2021. All of her outfits she was wearing that year I absolutely loved. We have very similar body types, we are both short curvy girls! A lot of the things she wears flatters her body so well and I know they would look good on me. Very glam, out of the box girly outfits that were right up my alley.

Three words to describe you fashion style.
Girly, sexy and bold!

Written by : KeyannaZorns

Photographer: Mike Ricardo

Stylist: Shanlee

Outfit by: Xtra Clothing

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