Who Shops at the World Trade Center Mall Anyway?

by The Daily Front Row

Wh-wh-wh-what? We hear all this talk about the struggles of retail, but when we headed downtown to the impressive Westfield World Trade Center, we discovered that indoor shopping is still very much a thing. Meet the folks who remain loyal to America’s favorite pastime!

Mattia Krappa, 20, Student

Hannah Turner-Harts

Your school is in the Poconos! What’s the fashion like there?
Cold! On campus, everyone is in leggings, Nike sneakers, and sweatshirts. They don’t dress like me.

Who are you wearing today?
This is my mom’s jacket from high school. My jeans are from Forever 21. My whole outfit is pretty much borrowed.

Do you consider yourself a mall rat?
Yes! I’m always there and not even sure of what I’m looking for. I’m going in and out of stores, touching everything. It’s bad!

What’s your favorite mall movie?
Clueless or Confessions of a Shopaholic.

How much do you spend on clothes a month?
I don’t even want to know. My mom has taken control of my credit and debit because I can’t be in charge of all my money. Every month, I spent $80 to $100 on shopping!

Crystal Lowe, 22, Recent College Graduate

Hannah Turner-Harts

What stores do you like?
I just walked into Kate Spade, and I love Sugarfina. I like the champagne gummy bears.

What can you get at a mall that you can’t get online?
Shoes that fit!

Do you consider yourself a mall rat?
I know my mall inside and out. I have an efficient route to hit up each store.

What do you miss about RadioShack?
Trying on all the headphones!

Body image is a hot topic these days. What would you say to a mannequin?
I have spoken to them in the past; they don’t answer back. I’ve asked, “Where’s your face? Why all the nipples?” Some of them are triple the size of the average New Yorker, and why? Are they on steroids?

Kortney William, 29, Style Advisor

Hannah Turner-Harts

How is style adviser different than stylist?
A stylist is someone who is based on set. As a style adviser, I’m at liberty to advise my clients on what they should wear, but I don’t necessarily have to go get it. I’m paid for my eye.

And you can do it on your couch!
Yes! As opposed to carrying five garment bags.

This sounds like a dream job! Where are your shoes from?
Rick Owens! I modeled for him from 2012–2015. I did about six shows. It was quite an experience. I consider him one of my mentors.

Were you in the show where the family jewels were out?
I was in that show, but mine wasn’t out!

Were your feelings hurt that you didn’t get to participate in that way?
No. Rick is a mastermind of matching the personality type to the outfit. My personality is strong enough that I don’t need to have my masculinity hanging out to represent his clothes.

We’re sure it’s nothing to be ashamed of!
Definitely not! He made a statement that fashion is taken too seriously. He’s our modern statesman.

Did you ever work in a mall?
No, but my first job was at Victoria’s Secret as the unofficial bra specialist. I could tell you what looks good for you.
I obviously didn’t touch the women.

Sounds like you’ve turned that experience into a real career!
The message of my life is to keep going after your dream and one day it will turn into a reality. You just need that one person to believe in you. I’m also starting an athleisure line!

Wendy Friedman, 50, International Coordinator

Hannah Turner-Harts

What brings you here today?
I’m visiting a friend. We’re here to go to Casper, the mattress store. It’s supposed to be next to UGG or something.

Did you ever work in retail?
I worked at Zales in my teens!

Nice! Fondest memory of Zales?
Seeing how stupid guys are who buy jewelry. It’s hysterical how they spend money. The wives come in the day after and return it for something they actually like.

Jaret Horn, 19, Student

What brings you here today?
My friends and I came from Pennsylvania to look at the new World Trade Center. It’s pretty insane! I’ve never seen anything like it.

Why do you shop at malls?
We don’t have Dior in Scranton.

Have you ever exercised at the mall?
If I’m shopping with my girlfriend, I’m holding 30 bags!

What would you say to a mannequin?
I’d ask it how much it gets paid for standing around all day.

On a cultural note, what’s your favorite mall movie?
Paul Blart: Mall Cop with Kevin James.

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