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Watch Your Back, Ben Brantley!

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We live for anything random, so a standing ovation to Standard Culture for sending Michael Bastian to BAM to review Anna Nicole: The Opera. The obvious choice! From the makers of the acclaimed Jerry Springer: The Opera, BAM and The New York City Opera are celebrating Anna Nicole’s bumpy life via opera. (Another obvious choice.) So, what did Bastian think of the show? “The opera is good, trashy fun cloaked in the most formal and classic of presentation methods. But in the middle of the fun…I surprised myself by feeling a bit offended that all of this “nasty underbelly-of-America” exploitation was first written and staged by a couple of English guys, Mark-Anthony Turnage and Richard Thomas. Somehow, it all went from ‘us laughing at her’ to ‘them laughing at us’ for an uncomfortable moment or two.” There you have it. You can read the rest of his thoughts over at the always-entertaining Standard Culture, and get your tix to the show HERE. 

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