Victoria Beckham: “I think I’m warm and friendly”

by Aria Darcella
Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is often, and unfairly, scrutinized for her go-to picture pose. The designer usually opts for a composed resting face rather than a big, toothy smile, which has left some people to remark that she takes things too seriously. In a new interview on the Barneys podcast (available tomorrow on iTunes), Beckham reveals that she not only has she noticed the comments, but she completely disagrees with them.

“The impression that people had of me was that I was this person that didn’t smile very much I took myself very very seriously and I was quite polarizing,” she said. “I’d like to think that I am maybe not fuzzy, but warm and friendly,” she added. “And I think that people see that now because of how I can connect with my customers through social media.”


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It’s true, Beckham is incredibly warm and outgoing on social media, especially with posts about her family. But there’s also a side of her social media usage we don’t get to see: her celebrity-friend group chats. Beckham revealed that she has a WhatsApp group with Gordon Ramsay, Eva Longoria, and her hubby David. Apparently the group was particularly lit after a recent wine weekend. “We’re all still communicating sharing pictures,” she said. “Gosh I must have been really drunk because I have no recollection of that.”

Getting wine drunk with pals? VB is as warm and friendly as it gets!

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