Vetements Fall 2017: The Comedy of ‘Stereotypes’

by Paige Reddinger

LOL Demna Gvasalia. Fashion’s favorite disrupter made his penchant for normcore more literal this season at Vetements by sending out looks based on stereotypes, which was also the name of the show. There was the Upper East Side dame, the bouncer, the goth, business dad, sloppy dad, the soldier, the punk, the glam diva, the Parisian, the office lady, and so on. By appropriating the drudgery of normal, mundane, and altogether lame everyday “fashion,” Gvasalia has risen to the top of the industry by making fun of fashion in celebrating everything it has been thought to hate. Anti-fashion fashion…how hipster!

So now, dear fashion community, it’s your vote. Who is your favorite Vetements stereotype?

Who is your favorite Vetements stereotype?

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