Daily News: Guram Gvasalia Named Creative Director Of Vetements, Is Hedi Slimane Mad At Vogue?

by Freya Drohan

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Hedi Slimane rumored to have rift with Vogue

After Vogue Runway did not cover Celine Spring Summer ’22, the rumor mill went into overdrive with whispers that creative, artistic, and image director Hedi Slimane will no longer work with the global media brand, over ousted Vogue Paris editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt. A source from the publication was reported as saying: “It was not our decision to not cover spring 2022, but we look forward to covering the brand’s next show.” WWD also writes that Celine’s advertising deal with Vogue has been halted. On Instagram, an anonymous tip speculated that Celine would not be passing on invitations to shows or sending any samples to any Condé Nast publications—although that has not been confirmed officially by any representative from the publishing company or the brant itself.


Guram Gvasalia is named creative director of Vetements

Guram Gvasalia is settling into his new role at Vetements, the company he founded with his brother Demna in 2014. While the controversial fashion brand was under the creative lead of Demna, Guram was focused on the business aspect and has been CEO since its inception. When Demna—who recently dropped his last name altogether—left the brand to focus on Balenciaga in 2019, the design efforts were led by a collective. Now, Guram will take the reigns, starting with the Fall ’22 collection (which was presented on November 25). In a press release, he said: “The truth is, creativity is a part of human nature. We all have it. Some are just too scared to channel it ’cause of the society and the boxes most of us are put in since we are kids. We all have our own sensibilities and if they are calling to you—just let them out!” He added: “I want to make sure that all the young people out there know—you do not need to have rich parents, you do not need an investor, you do not need to sell your soul to big evil corporations—you can make it on your own. You can change your life with your own creativity and passion.”


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