Vestiaire Collective Launches New Vintage Category with Chloë Sevigny

by Paige Reddinger

Luxury resale site Vestiaire Collective celebrated the launch of its new vintage category with vintage connoisseur Chloë Sevigny, who was styled in an editorial by contributing fashion editor Kate Foley and Vestiaire Collective’s head of vintage Marie Blanchet that will go live in conjunction with the launch. Customers can now shop Chloë’s Picks, a curation of the actress and style icon’s favorite vintage finds from Vestiaire Collective’s sweeping archives. The brand has rare finds from everyone including Comme des Garçons and Martin Margiela to unique couture pieces from Yves Saint Laurent and hard-to-come-by Claude Montana pieces. The offering dates as far back as 1930 and 2000 at the latest.

“Chloë Sevigny is Vestiaire Collective’s vintage muse because she has always been such a huge champion of vintage and has a wonderful, unexpected way of wearing vintage that can only come from deep understanding and love of fashion from past decades,” said Foley in a statement. “She is the ultimate vintage icon.”

Vestiaire Collective’s head of vintage (and veritable vintage encyclopedia) Marie Blanchet helped Sevigny pore through the archives. Before coming onboard at Vestiaire, Blanchet was a costume designer working on a TV period drama focusing on the Belle Époque era. She also gained her expertise in the vintage market thanks to the legendary collector Françoise Auguet. “One of my favorite pieces already sold tonight, which is the white shirt from Martin Margiela,” Blanchet told The Daily. “It seems like nothing, but in fact it’s really special. I’m already grieving that shirt. I’m also wearing a Martin Margiela vintage smoking jacket and a lace dress from the 1930s. The reason why I love Margiela and Comme des Garçons so much is because they are the designers that are most inspired by the beginning of the last century.”

Blanchet also dished to us about her favorite picks, still up for grabs. “I’m also obsessed with these Victorian Yves Saint Laurent blouses—the one we dressed Chloë in is very rare, because Yves Saint Laurent didn’t do haute couture for very long and this blouse is extremely special in the way that it’s been done and it’s still in impeccable condition,” said Blanchet. “It’s very rare to find pieces of haute couture that are still so relevant now. It’s extremely modern. You can put it with denim and it would very cool. Also, the Claude Montana leather look makes me so happy. Montana is underestimated now, but I bet that it is coming back big time. This piece could really influence a lot of designers.”

“Sometimes I feel like Marie has lived these eras that she sources, she knows them so well,” said Vestiaire Collective co-founder Sophie Hersan. “When Marie came onboard at the company we decided to be stronger in the vintage category, because vintage is really modernity.”

The evening was a sort of full-circle moment for Blanchet, who purchased her first vintage find in a New York flea market. “It was an unsigned 1970s flower dress,” said Blanchet. “It started with me not wanting to dress like everyone else—that disgusts me. If I buy something and someone else tells me they like it and buys the same thing, I can’t handle it. And I think that’s what Chloë Sevigny also does very well.”

Sevigny’s selection includes some of the rarest items in the offering including electric blue legging shoes by Martin Margiela circa 2000 (reminiscent of Balenciaga’s recent legging boots that walked the runway in 2016). Overall, the vintage offering will range in price from $75 to $4,500.

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