Tracy Anderson On Her New Hamptons Digs And More

by Alexandra Ilyashov

Fitness guru Tracy Anderson has opened her second East End outpost, located at 30 Park Pl. in East Hampton, and she dished about Gwyneth why she digs Sag so much, and her fave nibbles…

What’s the appeal of having a studio in East Hampton?
Access! I always feel so bad for people who want to get to Water Mill, but, let’s face it, 27 gets crazy. I really can’t stand turning anyone away, either, and we’re always packed in Water Mill. East Hampton has so much charm.… It’s a no-brainer!

Does your pal and biz partner Gwyneth Paltrow have a favorite Tracy Anderson Method move?
Gwyneth is incredibly evolved in her understanding of what a workout means. She knows it’s not in a move but in focus and consistency—and an expert always helps.

Which Hamptons ‘hood are we most likely to find you in?
Sag Harbor is my home.  Even though I’m a beach girl, I love the vibe and pace of Sag Harbor. Each village really has a distinct feel; Sag Harbor is me. I could live at Cavanniola’s and Tutto il Giorno.

What do you chow down on après-workout?
La Fondita, La Fondita, La Fondita! Do you feel my love for that place!?

30 Park Pl., East Hampton

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Jennifer May 26, 2015 - 2:52 PM

True, this gives access… but only to Hamptonites or new yorkers who want to drive 3 hours to get there. How about having a studio near an airport where fans around the world can get to?


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