Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Collecting and Investing into High Jewelry, According to Meit Kamdar Avlanii

by DN News Desk

Although he holds a business degree from London’s esteemed Regents University, Meit Kamdar Avlanii always knew he wanted a creative career. After graduation, he did join his family’s textile business and even opened his own company in Uganda. Yet, something else was inherently speaking to him and he started seeking a career path that would be filled with passion and purpose. In 2018, Meit Kamdar Avlanii combined his natural and learned skills to become a jewelry designer. Combining elements of contemporary, old world, Edwardian, Victorian, and neo-futuristic styles, Meit is a modern designer for a new generation. While he does offer more “classic” styles, Meit specializes in bold statement pieces. For those who are looking to add to their luxe jewelry collections, this craftsman has indeed some great suggestions.

Today’s jewelry is a form of self-expression. Women are no longer limited to traditional pieces. There is a diverse selection out there to match any personality, such as Meit’s unique and provocative designs. Jewelry can certainly be as contemporary as it is luxurious. Firstly, Invest in Rare Stones. While trends come and go, a “RARE” a one-of-a-kind gem will never go out of style. Meit Kamdar Avlanii uses rare stones in his work, but the designs are truly original. A rare gem like Columbian or Panjshir Emerald, Kashmir Blue Sapphire, Burmese Ruby & Spinels, Natural Pearls like Basra or Conch Pearls or even a  Rare Coloured Diamonds also Diamonds that are Type Ib, IIa and IIb. The natural paucity of these stones and their extremely limited supply make them precious, collectible and a great investment. Secondly, Invest in Statement Pieces – Collecting high jewellery is investing in a piece that is of high value. Having a statement piece is different to having something rare from a gem perspective and more of buying something that looks one of a kind. Statement pieces are not a byproduct of trends and always hold value over decades. The older they get the more valuable they become.

Lastly, Meit Kamdar Avlanii advises to always purchase certified jewelry, authenticated and stamped by the designer. One of a kind pieces from upcoming designers are viewed as wearable art. the more the designer gains value over time, their jewellery gains value over time as well.

Meit Kamdar Avlanii believes jewelry should be bold, beautiful, and as distinctive as the woman who wears it. For those looking to add to their high jewelry collection, a piece from this talented designer will hold a place of honor.

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