Through the Blues with Model Kari Cassandra Riley

by Magdalena Munao

While the life as a model has long been a coveted one, as glamorous as their lives seem, true models know the challenges and reality that comes with the territory. For model Kari Cassandra Riley, despite having been a model since she was just 14-years-old, she quickly discovered how, even though she loved modeling and the opportunities that came with it, her career as a model did not define her.

Today as an industry veteran, Kari has emerged from the naivety of her youth to become a self-aware, confident and emotionally in-tune young woman. She continues to lead a successful career as a model, she knows that the value of her soul and the depth of her character far outweigh her beauty and capability as a model. In an industry that breeds insecurity, she now lives confidently outside of the constructs that most young models typically feel confined by. Through an intensive journey of healing and self-therapy by way of journaling, writing poetry and self-expression, Riley recently had the opportunity to publish a book of poetry called Through the Blues that was released earlier this year in February. Made from a compilation of experiences, poems and stories that she underwent emotionally and spiritually to discover another side of her beauty, Kari leaves it all on the pages of these poems.

“I realized how this art form of writing and poetry specifically had become a therapy to me,” Kari says. “I hope that my poetry helps people heal like it did for me. My intention is for the book to help people find their freedom and not feel boxed in by life and societal expectations.” During the most integral and foundational years of her youth, having been taught to focus solely on her outer beauty, Kari realized how her self-worth had been massively skewed. And while it might not seem like some grand feat, she was wise enough to discern that she needed deep emotional healing—something needed not only by many models, but people in general. With a new sense of confidence in her identity and self-worth, Kari continues to encourage others, model or not, to know and revel in the fact that one’s worth is immeasurable. To learn more about Kari Cassandra Riley, visit her Instagram and check out her book on Amazon.

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