Meet Dhana Bunel, creating a legacy of her own as a fashion model, influencer and more.

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Dhana Bunel, besides being a mompreneur, prioritizing sustainability, community wellbeing, and empowering dreams with her catering business, Chez Graze, is also committed to fulfilling her dreams as an upcoming actress.

Isn’t it surreal to learn about all those individuals who, instead of following the norms already set by other established professionals in their industry, carve their unique niche by choosing to go against the tides, challenging the status quo, and creating brands, platforms, and businesses that have the power to create more value into people’s lives, eventually making waves of positive change in those sectors? Being one to have reached the forefront of the entrepreneurial world as a mompreneur, CEO, model, and influencer is Dhana Bunel, who believed in her dreams and thus went ahead and turned them into reality.

Dhana Bunel, a mother and mompreneur, stands tall among the few who focus more on people over profit. This has allowed her to carve her unique niche as an influencer, model CEO, and, most importantly, a mother.

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Speaking more about her passion for fashion, she says, “I always felt inclined toward everything creative and artistic. Thus, turning into a fashion model came as a very natural choice. My innate skills in dance have also helped me dive deeper into my creative self and have given me more confidence as a fashion model.” However, further, she highlighted her advocacy for sustainability, which she wanted to translate through her work in the entrepreneurial realm.

She always focused on creating businesses that could become successful, ecologically viable, and community-focused. This led her to bring in a wave of positive change with her catering business “Chez Graze,” which exemplifies a new kind of entrepreneurship prioritizing sustainability, community well-being, and empowering dreams.

Dhana, raised in Argentina with Colombian roots, has stunned people with her multiple talents and expertise across niches. Fluency in Spanish, English, and French and proficiency in Portuguese and Italian allowed her to connect with a global audience and thrive on her linguistic skills. Despite her background in Political Science, she chose fashion modeling and influence on social media, besides entrepreneurship and community service, realizing her true calling.

In January 2022, her journey into the public eye began when she decided to share her fashion and lifestyle content on Instagram. This she did with a desire to find a new passion and explore her love for fashion and dancing. Her compelling content on fashion and lifestyle has garnered her a mammoth of followers on Instagram, which currently is over 358K. Sharing sophisticated and vogue looks has helped her positively influence a large set of audience, especially the youth who think her natural élan and style in fashion is something to look up to and take inspiration from.

(Photo Credits: Alvana Swimwear)

Dhana Bunel calls herself a “citizen of the world” who feels passionate about fashion. She has already made her name count as a fashion model, influencer, and aspiring actress with the zest to make it huge in the entertainment realm.

Beginning her journey on Instagram with content on fashion and lifestyle, she now has become a brand in herself who loves connecting with people worldwide, especially women and mothers. Later, with her aim to do more and be more in life, she decided to venture into entrepreneurship, launching her one-of-a-kind catering business, Chez Graze, which effortlessly goes beyond being just a catering company and representing “The Art of Gourmet Health,” combining luxurious grazing boards with a French touch.

She recounts how the idea to start this business was born from her understanding of what mothers need, a way to balance their passion for good food with the demands of motherhood. Hence, her company aims to help women and mothers, especially those returning to the job market, by providing opportunities in the catering industry.

Dhana Bunel highlights how Chez Graze is committed to eco-responsibility through its partnerships with local organic farmers, innovative companies that offer sustainable packaging solutions, and the use of electric vehicles for deliveries. The company promotes a local economy by creating various purchasing centers and partnering with local governments and economic and cultural leaders.

She envisions making it big as a fashion model, influencer, and actress while making Chez Graze, her catering business, a global name and promoting healthy, eco-friendly gourmet food. Dhana Bunel’s creation of a legacy and inspiring others to follow their dreams has helped her garner more recognition.

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