The Women Who Rule the World: Meet the Trailblazers of Ms. World 2023

by Amir Bakian

In the glittering cityscape of Las Vegas, the iconic Caesars Palace Hotel is preparing to host a beauty pageant with a difference this December. The international pageant, Ms. World 2023, led by former Miss New York and renowned model, Melisa Gun, aims to redefine traditional beauty pageant norms, embracing women’s beauty, creativity, and success regardless of age.

In addition to spotlighting the contestants’ beauty and talents, Ms. World 2023 promises a spectacle of grandeur, featuring a four-day program of performances from celebrities worldwide and a VIP panel of judges. But it isn’t all work. To ensure a fun and relaxing experience, the organizers have planned several exciting activities, including limousine rides through Vegas, theatre visits, a spa day, and even a pajama party.

Preparing for the Spotlight
Under the watchful eye of Melisa Gun, a seasoned director known for her meticulous attention to detail, contestants will spend six months preparing for the pageant. “We put a lot of time and effort into our contestants because we have had incredible women whose main line of work is not connected to show business,” shared Gun.

Already, Ms. World 2023 has received a flood of interest, with over 5000 applications from potential contestants. Its unique vision has resonated globally, emphasizing the beauty of achievement, no matter the age. Further expanding its international reach, the pageant will also host a European contest, with the winners from both regions earning a place on a Times Square billboard.

Championing Women
As the champion, the winner of Ms. World 2023 will not only receive a $25,000 cash prize and exclusive gifts but will also serve as the face of the pageant for one year. She will feature in the Ms. World magazine, interviews with leading media outlets, and promotional opportunities with the pageant’s sponsors.

Apart from recognizing the contestants’ beauty and talents, the pageant has also set its sight on philanthropy, ensuring that its influence extends far beyond the stage. Understanding the power of their platform, the pageant organizers have made a conscious decision to contribute to causes that make a meaningful difference in the lives of women.

Gun passionately emphasizes the importance of giving back. With great pride, she reveals that a significant portion of the pageant’s revenue, 10%, is dedicated to supporting charities that provide treatments and support for women courageously battling cancer. Through this philanthropic initiative, the pageant becomes a force for hope, compassion, and solidarity.

“Each contestant, as they grace the stage with elegance and poise, becomes a symbol of resilience and strength for women around the world facing the daunting challenges of cancer. Their journey transcends the superficiality often associated with beauty pageants, becoming a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for positive change,” Gun mentioned.

This part of the winner’s journey will also be documented in a film detailing her reign, further elevating the platform’s commitment to women’s empowerment and philanthropy.

Ms. World 2023 signifies a shift in the way beauty pageants are perceived, championing success at every age and celebrating the philanthropic contributions of its participants. In an industry often critiqued for its shallow representation of beauty, Ms. World 2023 brings a refreshing perspective.

It is a testament to the multifaceted nature of beauty—something that goes beyond the physical and embraces talent, achievement, and most importantly, philanthropy. Women around the globe watch with bated breath as this historic event unfolds, ready to celebrate the diverse beauty of success at every stage of life.

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